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Introduction to the Top 20 Lotteries in the World

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Lottery is popular all over the world. Lotteries in different countries are diverse in terms of gameplay. Different jackpot amounts and odds of winning make the game exciting and interesting, becoming a way for players all over the world to pursue their dreams. This colorful landscape of lottery, with its varied gameplay and prize amounts, also brings hope to players of all sizes. The saying "one ticket in hand, hope is endless" is exactly what it means!

So, here is a brief introduction to the top 20 public welfare lotteries in the world. Let's take a look at the colorful world of lottery! We would like to remind you that the ranking is based on the odds of winning the jackpot and the amount of the prize. There is no order of priority, so don't be disappointed if your country is not on the list!

Top 20 Lotteries in the World:

  • The Japanese "New Year Jumbo Takarakuji": The "New Year Jumbo Takarakuji" is a lottery event held in Japan every end of the year to welcome the new year. It is the largest lottery of the year in Japan, with a total prize pool of hundreds of billions of yen. Participants have the chance to win major prizes such as cash, property, and cars. It has become a symbol of hope and expectation in Japanese society, attracting millions of people to participate. It is not just a way to buy a lottery ticket, but also a cultural event to spend the end of the year and wish for good luck in the future.
  • The Spanish "Lotería de Navidad": The Spanish "Lotería de Navidad" is a major lottery event held annually in Spain in December. It is the largest lottery in the world, with a total prize pool of over €2 billion. The lottery numbers are drawn in a grand ceremony by children just before Christmas, and millions of people eagerly await the results. It is not only an exciting lottery, but also an essential Christmas tradition in Spanish culture, bringing joy and a sense of anticipation for the new year to the entire country.
  • Powerball (United States): Powerball is the most popular multi-state lottery in the US. Players pick numbers and win the jackpot if they match the winning numbers. The jackpot can be huge, sometimes even reaching billions of dollars. It's not just a thrilling game of chasing big money, but also a hot topic in American society. The Powerball craze attracts millions of people to participate, and each drawing inspires people's desire to make their dreams come true.
  • Australia’s Oz Lotto: Oz Lotto is Australia's most popular national lottery. It's a weekly draw where players pick seven numbers from 1 to 45. The jackpot can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Oz Lotto also has multiple secondary prizes, which increase the chances of winning. It's not just a game of luck, but a part of Australian society. Australians look forward to the weekly Oz Lotto draw, which has become a cultural phenomenon of sharing dreams and hopes.
  • France’s EuroMillions: EuroMillions is France's most popular international lottery, with draws held several times a week. Players choose five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers in pursuit of Europe's largest jackpot. The jackpot can reach billions of euros. EuroMillions is a joint venture of several European countries, providing European players with the opportunity to win a huge prize. It's not just a way for the French to pursue their luck, but also a major lottery that European countries participate in together, showcasing cross-border lottery culture.
  • China’s Double Ball Lottery: Double Color Ball is the most popular lottery game in China. It is drawn twice a week, and players choose six red balls and one blue ball. The jackpot is over tens of millions of yuan, and the secondary prizes are also very generous. Double Color Ball has become a popular game in Chinese society, attracting hundreds of millions of participants. Every draw inspires people's longing for luck, and also causes widespread discussion and anticipation in society.
  • The UK National Lottery: The National Lottery is the most popular lottery game in the UK. It's drawn multiple times a week, and players simply have to choose six numbers to start their quest for the jackpot. The jackpot can reach millions of pounds, and there are other prizes as well. The proceeds from ticket sales are used to support social welfare projects, making it a lottery with a charitable purpose. The National Lottery combines the concepts of gaming and charity, and is loved by British people, becoming a weekly entertainment activity that everyone looks forward to.
  • Canada’s Lotto 6/49: Lotto 6/49 is the most popular lottery game in Canada. It's drawn twice a week, and players pick six numbers. The jackpot can reach millions of Canadian dollars. Lotto 6/49 not only offers high-value prizes, but also includes multiple secondary prizes, expanding the chances of winning. Canadians are always flocking to it every week, hoping to win the jackpot one day.
  • Singapore’s TOTO Lottery: TOTO is the most popular lottery game in Singapore. It's drawn multiple times a week, and players pick six numbers. The jackpot can reach millions of Singapore dollars, and the secondary prizes are also generous. TOTO offers a variety of play options to increase the chances of winning, and it's loved by locals. It's operated by Singapore Pools, and it's a popular weekend entertainment.
  • Korea’s Lotto 6/45: Lotto 6/45 is the most popular lottery game in South Korea. It's drawn twice a week, and players pick six numbers. The jackpot can reach tens of billions of won, and the secondary prizes are also very attractive. Lotto 6/45's popularity has attracted a large number of participants, becoming a way for Koreans to pursue their luck. Every draw attracts widespread attention from the society, reflecting the popularity of lottery in South Korea.

That's all for the top 10 lottery games. We'll be back next time with more lottery games!

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