Get a "Lucid Dream", and chat anonymously!

• Random pairing and totally anonymous.
• No installation and no device limitation.
• No cookies and incognito mode is fine.

OK! Let's dream!

What's "lucid dream"? In short, it's a dream you can know you are in a dream.

In a lucid dream, besides knowing it's a dream, you also can apply your knowledge, experiences and logics to a lucid dream. And then manage your dream, turn nightmares into sweet dreams or end the dream as you wish.

Think about it, when we have sweet dreams with the abilities about knowledge and logics, we must can remember more things in our dreams and get more happiness after waking up. Furthermore, it's a good thing to remember more dreams for "getting numbers from dreams". Isn't it?

Think more, if we can end nightmares with ease, fearness will keep us away.

Cool! Right?

Base on "Lucid Dream", we provide a brand new self-titled feature "Lucid Dream". And what can it do for you?

You must remember "the four steps for getting numbers from dream"! For "step one: Record Dreams" in our article, we provide "Note Dream" to support many dreamers to recall dreams in more details, and the results of interpretation also get a significant growth.

The next step, "step two: Share Dreams", our "Lucid Dream" will focus on it.

Just like we said before, the most important thing for interpreting dreams is "describe your dreams in details". But, how to do it? The first, you need a person you totally trust. Is it too difficult? OK, or you need someone you never ever know him/her.

It's a lucky thing to say anything with a totally trusted person, you don't have any problem about sharing dreams. But for some people, they don't have any person to talk. We are sorry we can't just give you a trusted person. But it's OK, "Lucid Dream" is created for you.

What can "Lucid Dream" do for you?

1. Talk to someone you don't know about that hidden dreams last night, in details or brief.

2. Find someone you don't know, play a sweet dream to heal your mind.

3. Gossip about anything with someone come from different countries and regions.

The rules for "Lucid Dream"

1. You have "three-month-dream" and it'll be extended if it's a good dream.

2. You can "assign a persona" to your dream partner, and hope she/he will follow it. For example, you are a gentle and kind person, always listen to me carefully.

3. Tell to your dream partner how about your dream, good or bad, and "scores" to each other.

4. You can "stop dream" any time if you want.

5. Must remember your "dream ticket", and you can return to your dream again.

6. For personal information security, there's "no signin" process in Lucid Dream, and we will not collect any personal information either.

7. In your dreams, please be careful, and don't reveal any personal information to your dream partner.

The content of this site is a collection of Taiwanese(NOT China) and Chinese traditional classics, and integrates psychology and statistical methods. Welcome to reference it, but do not be superstitious. God Interprets Dreams, wish you a good dream and make a fortune!
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