How to Analyze Your Dreams

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Some friends asked that how to interpret dreams? Do we really need a MASTER of dream interpretation?

Provide an important point, "YOU" are the best choice to do interpretation for yourself. Professional dream interpreters can help you find and analyze key points in your dreams. But the key points is still YOU.

OK! Let me show you how to interpret dream for yourself.

Step1. Record Dreams

The first thing, We need a dream to interpret, of course. So we need to remember what I dreamt(Highly recommend our Record Dream Tool).

Many people think it's hard to remember dreams. But in fact, it's not difficult if you know how to record them. The key point is "Write it down simply". The simplest way to do this is to use our tool, you can record your voices and key in words on our page.

Step2. Share Dreams

Describe your dreams to your family or friends.

If you don't want to talk to other people, you can just talk to yourself. The key point is "Describe your dreams in details". When we describe our dreams, we may find out more details or feelings from dreams.

Step3. Analyze Dreams

Analyze in three points:

Point 1. Do we have any troubles? Worries or some people you care about.
Write it down, it will be helpful for interpretation.

Point 2. Find the most impressive people, place and event in your dreams. or the most significant things to you.
We need to know that focus on key points, don't lose in your dreams.

Point 3. Find the relations between Point 1 and Point 2.
When we follow this step, you will find out something you never notice it before.

It's finished for normal dream interpretation, but we are "God Interprets Dreams", still have Step4.

Step4. Get Numbers

Put information come from above steps into our interpretation tool, then enjoy your lucky numbers.

Thanks for reading. Do anything you want! But remember that do some good things for our world.

God Interprets Dreams wish you be a rich man!

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