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Miz D
2023-04-07 09:44:40

A spiritual celebration, carnival fun with my sister who has passed on, cats, jewelry lefy gold right silver and a cross, each day a new entertainment last for 3 days, asian man nice guy sis hiding in the closet. Rats running around and clean cute babies crawling on the floor.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 11, 12, 13, 23, 24, 26, 28


2023-04-06 12:25:32

i was with some people i didnt know at my old grandmother house. but it looked different. someone offered to give me chocolate, dairy milk to be precise. i didnt take it. i just wanted to go to the loo, i did that as i was skeptical. as soon as i was done when i left the bathroom, my uncle appeared as a ghost before me and his pretty much still alive, i was so scared. he said hello to m and i woke up.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 15, 19, 21, 23, 31, 39


2023-04-06 12:12:31

i dreamt of myself and other people i dont know, we were at my old house were we used to live before me and my grandmother, however it was different. so someone offered me 2 slabs of chocolate, dairy milk if im not mistaken, but i didnt take it. i wanted to go to the bathroom but i was scared that it was different and a bit dark, i kept on opening the door, finally i went to go take a wee wee, but as soon as i left before i could reach the door, i saw my uncle in the basin but he somehow looked like a ghost and he is still alive in reality, and he greeted me. i woke up scared.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 12, 17, 19, 21, 23, 31


2023-03-30 17:13:06

It was in the evening, my girlfriend and I took a walk when 4 balls of light in the sky appeared with a loud noise and they went to 4 different directions away from each other, very fast too. We started running for safety looking for a place to hide should there be any impact that would cause things to fall.
I can’t specify what those balls were but they looked like meteorites surrounded by fire and they were so bright in the sky, it could be anything.
Just before they hit the ground, I remember saying this in my heart “I knew the world would end but I didn’t think it would happen this way” I was so scared then a woman screamed “close your eyes” I assumed it would be so bright when these things hit the ground so we closed our eyes and the light flashed, followed by a shake, never experienced an earthquake but that felt it it.
A few moments later it was all over the internet

In my area there was no damage because the balls of fire appeared right above us and went in four different directions away from us and this certainly didn’t end the world as I was scared in the vision thinking it was the end.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 09, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 38


2023-03-30 01:42:33

I took a nap and dreamed of 2 snakes, a small snake with horns on its head was slowly moving on the wallpaper. Another bigger snake was chasing a dog, and I kept running because I was scared. I ran to a place with a lot of people, men, women and children, and I told one of the women that this place hadn't been repaired yet? Look at my feet, I'm wearing my daughter's shoes and I'm sober

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 17, 18, 19, 25, 33


2023-03-27 10:24:33

I dreamt i was carrying a chair walking in a classroom full of learners.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 10, 14, 31, 41, 44


2023-03-14 11:24:52

Paid car off

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 10, 11, 30, 40


2023-03-14 04:11:39

I was trying to drive a car and it wouldn't move , while I was desperately requesting to drive mine instead.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 10, 33


2023-03-13 18:35:20

In people I don't know they were fighting, the next thing I am wearing designer clothes and my two colleagues were there the other one liked the outfit I was wearing and they was nicki minaj driving her pink car and she was helping the donkeys with her car and they were two people having sex I don't know them

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 10, 11, 12, 16, 26, 30, 33


Kelebohile Anna Phadu
2023-03-10 19:56:13

I was driving a guys car then I was told that he has a girlfriend, a girl by the name flower, she was beautiful, I was told she is from a place called where the sun rises

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 12, 24, 25


2023-03-10 15:38:31

I dreamed driving a new white car, and I was so happy because is was my car and I went to my grandmother to show her my car she was so happy for me

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 10, 12, 19


2023-03-08 06:50:32

I dreamed of the river, lots of ppl with ceremony, car excident, blood, an my small daughter an lots of food

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 08, 14, 39, 42


Maitong Vang
2023-03-05 12:03:28

Dream about a red car

Lucky Numbers: 06, 09, 15, 30, 40


2023-02-23 08:35:45

I dream about my late father buying white bakkie car with no canoppy and buy grosary

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 13, 17, 19, 48


2023-02-17 18:52:10

A Chinese woman driving off in a black car and 4 men in a blue car following her

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 08, 10, 17, 18, 44


2023-02-17 05:12:20

Me and my sister carrying a baby.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 09, 11, 12, 17, 29, 32


2023-02-14 12:14:41

I dreamt I was in a tallest building with my small child as I tried looking down got scared coz I couldn't see anything under as I looked around there where tall buildings.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 13, 19, 33, 36


2023-02-13 09:28:48

I was in a house carrying a baby boy full with poop all of his body an my hand

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 25, 27, 33


2023-02-13 00:01:11

My is that is way at tarven late night busy playing pool inside then i went out i found my car where i parked not there

Lucky Numbers: 04, 27, 40, 49


2023-02-09 08:25:35

I dreamed boys coming back from initiation school with a white goat and they starting to fight with their sticks i was so scared I run to the house and lock

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22


2023-02-05 15:15:52

I dreamed of a woman waving at me naked in a bath but no bathroom. I was in a car with a lady, big breast exposed, we were in a stationery car. I had my fingers in her underwear.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 17, 20, 21, 25, 27


2023-02-05 06:12:22

I wanted to go attend a service,but there where lots of dogs were l had to cross.and l was so scared,but others were crossing

Lucky Numbers: 10, 17, 27, 33


2023-01-31 08:31:48

Dreaming of withdrawing paper money without a card and it seemed like fraud the police came looking for the person withdrawing money fraudulently

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 14, 17, 27, 33, 41


2023-01-27 06:36:47

At one moment my ears 👂 & eyebrows were removed by a stranger then I was being chased by a tiger 🐯 then I ran inside a blue car 🚙

Lucky Numbers: 03, 13, 18, 23, 32


2023-01-13 13:25:22

My mom was lost and we left her behind with a red car after I realized she was left bind I tried asking but the people were not interested I then tried to call her the lady that answered her phone was speaking Afrikaans and I asked the lady next to me then she said my mom was arrested because she was fighting

Lucky Numbers: 07, 10, 22, 33, 40


Leticia Dube
2023-01-08 11:09:48

I dreamt going with my uncle and his daughter my cousin using a car but suddenly a car lost breaks, and It went straight to a sea, and I jumped bfor the car went inside the sea but my uncle come out lost his eye sight and his daughter was followed by small sharks and I saved her from them

Lucky Numbers: 03, 06, 09, 10, 17, 23, 26, 31, 32


2022-12-24 18:00:08

When i went to karate classes, i always saw this girl that i was scared to talk to. its been like 5 months since i have seen her. last night, in my dream, she basically smiled at me and touched me on my face. idk why but i felt a lot of relief after.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 07, 08, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22


2022-12-24 12:01:21

I dream that i poop on a carpet and i wipe it with the same carpet

Lucky Numbers: 14, 21, 24, 34, 43


2022-12-23 09:24:10

I had a dream about my first daughter. In that dream she found a dead mouse. And she holded it with its long tail. She started to scare me with it. I was very scared and shocked to see a mouse with such long tail. My daughter started laughing at me. And fear of what I saw was still haunting me.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 13, 15, 19, 26, 30, 31


T.p mash
2022-12-22 09:08:52

I dream going to church and being prayed for by the pastor but then l ended up seeing his board members playing cards written people who were supposed to die after sometime l saw my sister who was a giant woman and l greeted her but it ended up like my friend had died and his body decade

Lucky Numbers: 05, 10, 17, 26, 32, 35, 45, 49


2022-12-21 09:54:42

I dreamt we were pushing a car it was of out of petrol it nearly caused accident
Then dream gathering of people going into a car and bakkie like for a celebration
I was in school the class with students had assignments and books and my old school teacher

Lucky Numbers: 10, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 27, 28


2022-12-10 04:05:18

I dreamed my dad and his friend who passed on , when passed away he had his legs cut off but in the dream he had his legs and he was walking with me and my dad they talking he sounded happy he wanted to show my dad his land ,now my dad a problem with his leg it was painful as I tried to help walk I couldn't then I started crying,I saw my cousins driving their car away from us they didn't want to help my dad and hurt me so bad that I cried until I woke up

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 14, 19, 20, 21, 31, 32


2022-11-26 04:00:17

Me and my sister were carrying a copper coins and salt chasing away a witch

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 12, 17, 26, 29, 32


Ancestors child God's favourite
2022-11-18 18:00:29

There's a lady I work with in the same institution but different department had a dream she gave a guy I know her car to do his chores with but I was sitting at the backseat while the guy was driving recklessly trying to hit the other cars while speeding but we never were involved in an accident

Lucky Numbers: 04, 07, 10, 12, 17, 20


2022-11-16 15:14:02

I have dreM playing dice and it was lod then beat 12 everything.then I dream about traveling with car and see school girls steel vegetable in trucks.when we travel with car we see lot of trucks

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 19, 26, 29, 31, 42


2022-11-11 11:21:56

I dreamt about my car get stolen when I park for awhile in the car park. we tried to find it anywhere and couldn't find it. I finally decided to do report. what does the number for this?

Thank you

Lucky Numbers: 04, 05, 06, 19, 27


2022-11-02 06:32:00

Me and old friend walking on green grass then suddenly the road we had to cross was full of water covering our head but we managed to cross but the other side was like a slump we had to get a big car to drive so we can get to where we were going

Lucky Numbers: 07, 13, 15, 24, 25, 26, 30, 40


2022-11-01 17:45:38

Dreamt of guys with guns refusing me to go. I was with my niece and I went to my white car and they followed me. There were lot of pe2

Lucky Numbers: 07, 17, 19, 26, 28


2022-10-31 08:30:12

I dream too many women I was asking them where is the funeral they are attending because I wanted to go and look for people to drive them to the graveyard with my car

Lucky Numbers: 17, 34, 43, 44


Penuel Mhangane
2022-10-24 20:17:42

Dreamt of small babies entering in the dam that has derty water, some of the babies were rescued by a brown cow, when I want to help I became scared. Dreamt of a granny giving me a small stick and said she's giving me all power of being a chief, I'll control rain and she told me to chew the stick and swallow it which I did. I was then announced a chief to the family and community by the granny, after all that she called for rain and it only rained upon me not to other people

Lucky Numbers: 01, 21, 23, 42


2022-10-23 04:12:33

I saw my mother in her parents house washing clothes. I was searching for my formal wear to go to China with my friends. I specifically remember blue linen shirt and khaki trousers. The clothes were in a room which was locked and my mother had the key. When I found her she opened the door and we went in. For some reason she sent me to her brother’s room who lived in the same house. When I went to his room I saw huge cockroaches- they called them mountain cockroaches. I got scared and ran from there and came back to my mother. Unknowingly I carried a few cockroaches with me. I specifically remember 1 huge one. It was flying everywhere. My mother blamed me for getting them to her room and we had a fight. Then I woke up.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 04, 26, 28, 35


2022-10-19 07:36:39

Active boy,albino,flying UFOs, rich guy,mob beating a thieve,in a car with 3 passengers, it was raining,water in a bucket, wedding

Lucky Numbers: 04, 05, 10, 13, 25, 26, 35, 37


2022-10-16 07:20:06

My husband dreamed he was working on a car that was propped up on a lift that raises the car up so he can work underneath it. He said there were people also sitting in that vehicle when all of a sudden the car took flight and began flying in the air but then it fell from the sky and crashed and burst into flames. He said that after the car crashed planes just started falling from the sky and crashing everywhere. Please interpret my husband's dream for me.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 14, 17, 27, 32


Ephraim maswabi
2022-10-06 10:16:47

I dreamed a man driving me and my girlfriend with his car. Then he asked what would we like to eat i said i would like a chocolate then my girlfriend said she wants to eat kfc

Lucky Numbers: 08, 09, 18, 24, 25, 31


2022-09-26 11:58:29

I dreamed about meeting my friend on the street carring a firewood on the head and a lot of orange fruits

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 13, 17, 35, 37


2022-09-23 08:00:57

I was driving a car in my dreams. I apply brakes when there were pedestrians

Lucky Numbers: 11, 16


2022-09-22 09:44:39

I always drive in a car in my dreams

Lucky Numbers: 16


2022-09-21 16:21:07

I dreamed driving a car with a young man n having a toy gun police stopped us and took some papers and saw the gun we asked for forgiveness until they let us go

Lucky Numbers: 02, 13, 16, 19, 41


2022-09-19 12:53:53

I dream about my boyfriend bought lot of pampers and tissues.and they put it in the board of cars

Lucky Numbers: 12, 22, 25, 36


2022-09-06 08:16:17

I got in a bus and we got to a full river as I tried to cross I found myself standing in middle of the rivers on all my sides when I looked on the other side I saw the person I was with drowning and the other one disappearing while the river was still getting full reaching where I was standing, out of options on what to do I saw myself in water like I was swimming with something like mermaid or angel helping me, as I crossed a lady came running from something else I got in a horse cart only to find she is chased by a heyna and leopard and they changed to chase on me still in a cart they tried but couldn't reach me then there was an explosion and killed them , I woke up

Lucky Numbers: 03, 05, 07, 13, 18, 28, 29, 33, 39


Ashton Rembani
2022-09-06 07:14:17

i had a dream while in a journey walking by foot with my family, i was carrying a paperbag with eggs then suddenly i met my cousin for the first time who then asked me to buy her an exercise book, we walked until we noticed ourselves reaching our destination in a place in south Africa called Gauteng , that's all i could remember

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 13, 14, 26, 27, 32


2022-09-06 05:39:22

I was in a white car, and someone brought a broom from me.and saw four women wearing vintage clothes, and I pour water to one of them to wash hands

Lucky Numbers: 05, 14, 19, 21, 41


2022-08-22 12:16:53

I was from a school nearby with my grandparents and my uncle then we got into a taxi my grandfather was driving then the car lost control and we got into an accident and the fell in the bush my grandfather died on the spot and it started raining then I went home I started seeing big holes of a construction site then I friend asked me to make sort of shower In that place then I made it then the was mad everywhere it started sinking and I was struggling to get out

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 10, 17, 20, 25, 35, 49


Pi Too Chi
2022-08-19 01:49:45

The night before tonight, I dream that I was almost raped by two men in a car. But I was saved by a group of young people beside a stream.
Last night, I dreamed of seeing two young women standing together. They look like each other a little bit.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 08, 13, 16, 17, 18


2022-08-16 20:13:19

I dream a helicopter and it was at night. It was looking for a stolen car with a light and eventually found a white car. Later on the car exploded. Also there were fireworks

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 13, 19, 31, 35, 45


2022-08-16 12:37:07

I dreamt that I have my third baby girl. Not even one month can walk, and my mom is taking care the baby.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 14, 28, 33


2022-08-13 12:13:51

I dreamed many pregnant woman making circle around me and also carrying toddler boys.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12


Dark Angie
2022-08-04 16:23:13

I dreamt my sister teaching me how to swim in the sea with sharks so they don’t bite/attack me. So i had to dive down to the sea floor and grab the sand in my hands and slowly release it as i swam to the surface and i was instructed not to look back at the sea floor as i swam up. At first i was scared and i would forget to take sand but started to relax as i as repeated the technique and grasped it without fear or panic.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 12, 15, 17, 28, 47


2022-08-04 08:49:38

I dreamt meeting a group of guys accused of killing someone I therefore told to go see a traditional doctor and I was given lots of paper money and the traditional doctor said I must go wait into his car. there was also a little girl

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 11, 24, 27, 32


2022-08-03 15:53:15

I dreamt my 56 mother driving a white car and she has never driven before, inside the car there were 2 kids and myself .I also dreamt a white limousine and a laptop.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 10, 19, 16, 25, 31, 36


2022-08-02 06:56:23

I dream a man telling me that my cousin car turn over with him on the road

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 10, 16, 27, 29, 31, 32


Jb a female
2022-07-23 13:35:43

Starts with me sleeping in with my parents in a big bed. I move to another bed but I'm scared to do so because of zombie woman stuck in that area. Turns out she isn't really a zombie. Now there are a group of kids. Me and a guy sneak away to get mcdonalds. We encounter some kids. One kid is upset and appeared to be crying because he couldn't buy mcdonalds. His friends were happy cause they got their mcdonalds. Upon arriving to ordering station/booth it was kind full. I try to make space by embracing closely a female friend I apparently was attracted to. She says she needs to talk to me afterwards privately. While embracing her I felt a gush come out of me from inside my pants. End of dream

Lucky Numbers: 27, 29, 30, 33, 35, 38


2022-07-21 11:31:31

I was with my ex, the father to my kids... and i was eating green apples and grapes... next to us, there was a car.

Lucky Numbers: 09, 10, 18, 20, 21, 30, 40, 46


2022-07-20 09:58:16


I dreamed wife putting loud volume in the car and walked away. The dreamed me writing number 40. 18. 01. 06 meaning in lotto numbers

Lucky Numbers: 01, 06, 10, 16, 27, 40


2022-07-19 07:29:11

I was washing the jacket of the other guy and i found so much money inside it then the next minutes i saw the truck coming to deliver my fridge and i took my bank card to withdraw the money

Lucky Numbers: 03, 05, 07, 13, 21, 27, 37, 40


2022-07-16 08:11:37

The lady was bumped by a car dead we took the body to the nearest petrol carriage on our way back home I collect paper money with piece of paper written numbers on it

Lucky Numbers: 02, 08, 15, 17, 20, 33, 36, 42, 49


2022-07-15 09:26:12

Simp was driving her car and she drove beside her uncles truck he had falling asleep under the wheel while driving

Lucky Numbers: 08, 09, 10, 14, 40, 49


2022-07-15 13:25:42

dreamed pass in the car in tall grass, then saw a man leg only sleeping in the grass on top off a block, the drove the car in the grass.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 11, 13, 26, 27, 30, 49


2022-07-12 00:09:33

Bus I dream is was in the bus sat the last chair my ate aica sat right side edry infront while the bus runs it’s wiggle on the road
I peeped our side it’s wiggling
suddenly front side slowly down the wheels of bus and stop I rush go down all passengers run quick to out of the bus I’m scared perhaps bus bomb ‘I call ate ‘ hurry go down I call edry to hurry out of the bus finally he did

Lucky Numbers: 10, 20, 25, 29


Pi Too Chi
2022-07-11 16:14:47

I dreamt that a man was with a car trying to take or snatch twins babies from a woman. I was protecting them and trying my best not to lose them.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 07, 11, 18, 21, 33


2022-07-09 01:22:49

I saw 3 yellow lions and I has 3 suitcases I was scared of the lions but the weren't chasing me . I then stopped a taxi but he already had 3 passengers and took only one of my suitcases so I started to scream at him to go back for my suitcases but he drove me straight to the police station and somewhere in the dream I had $300 and I gave someone $100

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 12, 21, 22, 29, 32, 39


2022-07-08 05:32:02

Dreaming helping my friend carrying dirty clothes,,then l started cooking

Lucky Numbers: 03, 17, 21, 35


2022-06-28 14:18:19

I was walking on a road and everyone on the street was washing their cars, every tap was packed.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 12, 14, 22, 32, 37


2022-06-18 06:21:28

I was sitting while pumping in the deep well 'I saw my cousin looking at me while I’m pumping the water.
a boy next to me waiting for my bucket to fill ‘later on two young men came one short and thin the other tall and thin too
when my bucket was full I picked it up and walked not far from the shed I stopped to rest one of the two young men approached me the lowly young man approached me and asked my name I answered my name is lyn
and I picked up the bucket again the two young men were still looking at me on the other side of the road and while walking slowly because the bucket I was carrying was heavy I caught up with the young man who was flirting with me then with the sister girl the child's body was quite fat about six years old girl I kept walking until I came to the houses of the poor people in an alley I met a young man pulled the folded clothes on my body I adjusted the tying of my apron opposite the little window with a thin wooden support when the quite fat woman saw me count told me why are you raising your apron there in front of the window . when I can tie my apron I lifted the bucket full of water again I noticed I was already past our house. I came back when I got to our house. I saw the man, who was tall and thin. He was just briefed, turned around. I went in and landed. the bucket I looked out the window I saw my uncle looked up at me it was fat with his brother he was also quite fat .my uncle passed away a long time ago, my auntie told me to have coffee first just my auntie's voice I heard that he ordered me to make coffee, I washed the cup, I vomited, when I spit out water, I also spit out green phlegm, which weighed a lot on the opposite side of where I spat. My uncle, who had long since passed away, was also there. but in my dream it was healthy and alive with his brother I noticed the house grew with copra below and there was a large molded concrete stove at the bottom of the house and also upstairs there was a big brewer's house that I lost my mug next to me I find the mug put in the bag of cups but it was different until I woke up

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 09, 13, 15, 18, 19, 25, 31


2022-06-16 09:36:25

I dreamed speaking to my dead mother while she was laying in a mortuary shelves telling me that she worries about me she gave my daughter a kiss soon after i dreamed going to a grave of my still born son speaking to him and I saw my self driving a big nice yellow car arranging for ancestral ceremony and a tombstone for my son and I had a lot of money

Lucky Numbers: 03, 12, 16, 20, 26, 34, 44


2022-06-14 16:51:32

Lady give me paper money she compute for me then she ask me take it then I took the paper money 2 envelope of money I saw dirty sink and big garage I scared to leave the money in the so I hold then I take the 1 year old baby keep inside the traveling bag I’m so scared coz almost he couldn’t breathe

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 15, 17, 21, 29, 32


2022-06-13 15:35:29

I dream of big scary dog showing its teeth to me as if it wants to bite me, then I took my pistol and want to shoot the dog but it jump out of a window

Lucky Numbers: 07, 17, 24, 29, 33


2022-06-03 19:07:26

Dreamt a snake was crawling on my roof and tried to get out but got trapped by the darkness then my cousin came after hearing me scream for my daughter to rescue me and got scared
Key People:
Cousin born 03262008
Key Place:
Key Event:

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 16, 19, 26, 35


2022-05-18 06:57:29

I dreamedpregnant women ,a car and a box of fish and chicken

Lucky Numbers: 07, 28, 30, 37, 38


2022-05-16 11:32:55

I dream being in my mother kitchen which we used when we grew up but its no longer there. It was me and my 3 kids and my boyfriend. Then the green locusts(phymateus viridipes) came into the kitchen hoping then we were terrified because we are scared of them as they are believed to be poisonous. Suddenly i had packs of yoghurt which i shared with everyone and we started eating. Thereafter i realised there was a locust which i had bit its head and ate it. I screamed telling my daughter that i had eaten this poisonous thing.then woke up and felt as if it was real.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 09, 21, 30, 36


2022-05-14 15:33:10

in my dream i got approached by a white girl in a crowd of people of which was healthy but the skin had goosebumps,we left together only to come across a known friend of mine who carried two fresh Pineapples and in a dream he started throwing stones at me in a playful manner while I was with the white girl.we were in a open field of which looks like a school playground.

Lucky Numbers: 15, 16, 21, 32, 35


2022-05-12 11:29:45

Dreaming of a guy call the Police for school boy that was braking the store and the boy was with his friend but the police arrest the boy he was carried and his friend also cry the boy was handcuff to the van the mother try to stand for the boy but the police took the boy

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 10, 14, 16, 21, 29


2022-05-10 09:24:57

I dreamnt I was in a house flooded with water trapped in a room with some other collegues. And all of a sudden there was a crocadille that we had get away from. We were in a little float boat but it had turned over and everyone fell out but tried to hurrily get back on the float boat. I on the other hand, saw the crocadille heading towards me, I was scared but i grabbed it from it's mouth and yelled for help to help me kill it. When i held it, I noticed that half of its body was chopped off so i didn't really struggled with it. I continue yelling, asking for help and said "hurry up this crocadille is hurting my hand". It was a boy that helped me and i told him to cut it from the middle down to its throat. And so we all saw a hammock that wah tied on both end on a tree. We all tried to get on it and little after struggling for us all to fit. We saw a baby crocadille which we had put in a dish. We had the thought that there could be more and so we tried getting on top of material stuff. I was on a washing machine where all the clothings was around me. And so i said i would stay there and wait for my baby to wake up and i can change him. Later on i saw a little alligator which i was afraid of. More people entered the room in which we were trapped and just walked in, while the little alligator was right there and didn't do nothing.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 14, 16, 20, 23, 28, 43


2022-05-04 21:49:41

I dreamt of my old friend that I used to love and care for soo much

Lucky Numbers: 15, 25, 29


Anita Sodo
2022-05-02 13:04:20

Dreamt of being left with kids I'm my house to take care of

Lucky Numbers: 03, 35


2022-04-30 14:31:28

Waiting for a train. With 4 other people. Ended up telling them let go and get my car it will cost us To go to where we going.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 37


2022-04-30 10:18:46

dreaming i had miscarriage so much of blood coming out

Lucky Numbers: 15, 17, 42


2022-04-28 04:02:47

I dream that we are living in our current place but the house is from our old home but we can't fit because it was small so we mostly stay outside. My friend who is pregnant in real life visited me with her partner, we have the same color tops and bottoms and she pooped outside our house. We then go to a road but I and my nephew saw games so we played. There are many dead bodies but they are inside of a rectangular bag made of bamboo while other people are carrying them, making a line to go down to reach the church. My friend was carrying one but to my surprise, he gave it to me and it was a small statue of Jesus Christ...So I asked my mother to hold it and we go up to the road because we planned on bringing the statue to our house but I could climb up because I was afraid so I make a shortcut.

My dream ended there. and I woke up

Lucky Numbers: 02, 06, 12, 18, 27, 35, 39, 41, 42


2022-04-27 14:55:31

I dream of playing card with a lot of money placing on the floor

Lucky Numbers: 03, 06, 19, 33, 36


Precious Goulden
2022-04-26 14:35:57

I dreamt of walking to a man and his baby. Suddenly three naked white women came in a strange looking car with a giant carrot sticking out in the front. The man decides to entertain them leaving me with the baby. Then I saw a green car and my Uncle came out of it. I greeted him and he didn't hear me the first time. I greeted him again and he waved back at me and disappeared inside a house.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 09, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23


2022-04-22 09:35:16

I dream about my son almost got hitting by a car

Lucky Numbers: 12, 20, 28


2022-04-19 06:30:47

I was holding and caring for a baby boy and I was happy with him. My ex-boyfriend was next to me and we were the child's parents.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 20, 21, 31, 46


2022-04-09 11:30:03

Was I a car with my late brother and he said he was taking me to my late mother.i said no let me call her before we go .wen I called she said no don't came will call me wen she wants me to came.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 15, 25, 27, 32


2022-04-01 18:25:56

Dreamed about my uncle who came to fetch me with his car to visit him and her wife at his house then on the way to his house I forgot my medication we came back to fetch them with his car.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 21, 23


2022-03-30 15:15:55

I dreamed of a person above it was a human and below it was a fish.I took my kids to the water park.It then came out and said I should give her my hand and suddenly I felt this power go through my body...Then it took my husband to the water and played with him because he was scared to speak..

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 12, 13, 15, 28, 29, 32


2022-03-26 08:05:33

I was travelling on a long road with a car in the bushes with small kids, reached a very steep hill that a car could not go over and used a road on the side to go over the hill and at the top I found a naked white woman sitting inside a pond full of dirty water and she was friendly with me and told me we can cross and that's when I helped the kids to cross as well. On the other side it was going down and looked better but kids were complaining of getting wet and I told them we will dry up along the way at that moment I remembered my phone that it maybe fell inside the pond and woke up

Lucky Numbers: 02, 05, 15, 17, 28, 36, 42


2022-03-25 14:47:58

two grannies crosing wthout checking on coming car

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 11, 21


2022-03-18 08:51:04

I dreamt of driving a beautiful Car and I was driving well

Lucky Numbers: 04, 16


2022-03-17 18:03:01

I dream someone driving car and seeing two people busy whispering, and many girls

Lucky Numbers: 09, 13, 35, 37


2022-02-27 01:54:25

Visiting my friend in New York and I park my car we go around the corner and she and I are talking I come back my car is stolen I turned to my left and the people have jumper cables hooked up to my car trying to get it started

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 09, 10, 15, 19


2022-02-24 07:46:13

Running into police and soldiers at a parade,saw white cars driving off ended in a taxi back home. Saw my old friends in my dreams selling clothes and I was sitting with them in the streets.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 13, 19, 23, 25, 32, 35, 41


2022-02-13 23:10:56

Dreamt myself and my ex husband in a car together happy and laughing

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 10, 25


2022-02-12 13:28:26

Driving a red 7 sirer Marron New big CAr and the passengers felt like I act drove try take thier money

Lucky Numbers: 08, 10, 15


2022-02-09 01:09:10

I won loads of money and i had cars a very fancy house and businesses

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 18, 22, 39, 40


2022-02-09 01:07:49

I was driving a car and all of a sudden it lost control made it look like i dont know how to drive and everyone was laughing at me even people i trusted and they started to mock me

Lucky Numbers: 07, 16, 30, 33


2022-02-04 11:23:01

Holding a glass cup and it fell from my hands then i woke Up scared

Lucky Numbers: 08, 26, 30


Tiffany Tan
2022-01-13 14:23:59

I was carrying a beautiful baby girl. I said to my parther that it is our child. He look at me. He went to a meeting inside a building. There were little girls playing on the ground.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 32, 33, 35


2021-12-29 23:15:13

i dream like an angelhe wearing a white clothes and waving a white handcarechef then HE SAY DEFEAT DEFEAT that time i a have a big problem about my financial breakthrough,,

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 12, 16, 18, 39


2021-12-10 20:03:28

I had a dream seeing a naked woman. Carrying colleague's baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 15, 16, 25, 67


2021-12-03 06:38:57

Dreamnt of my father getting out his car and giving me a R10 note with company profile and car keys

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 18, 24, 27, 30, 40


2021-11-19 08:43:09

Miscarrige of my wife

Lucky Numbers: 07, 15, 27, 33, 42


2021-11-02 18:02:02

I dreaming big snake mix color gold/yellow, brown. The snake talking me. Straight body. The snake calmdown my dream about snake Im not scared. Its coll. The snake told me "I'm yours protector". What did you mean my dream about snake.? Thank you

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 23, 26, 27, 33


2021-10-19 13:30:43

I was flying using aroplane with my family and i was caryng a small baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 21, 27, 41


2021-10-11 15:25:56

I was chased by a huge snake brought by my grandmother who is already dead in real life.. Since I was so scared I asked for my aunty for help to kill the snake. The snake placed in our old house . Turned white and my aunty killed it thru A knife I gave her. But It feels like I was the one who killed it. Then my grandmother got mad at me telling me it took her time to prepare that snake for me. Then I just killed it.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31, 49


Justice Essel
2021-10-01 12:51:36

In buy a white pickup car an amount of 40000 cedis

Lucky Numbers: 04, 13, 19


Naledi Rampya
2021-09-28 07:48:08

Choosing a guy with plate of pap, my sister leaving and coming back with a car hitting the fence, a stolen can covered with blanket, police searching for the car, recovery the car but the car dissappears

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 11, 12, 15, 17


2021-09-11 11:57:38

I was in the river and couldn't swim, an average aged woman approached me and carried me on her back and swam with me, therefore the people she was with changed into mermaids

Lucky Numbers: 05, 13, 28


2021-09-01 11:27:52

I dream of a hot burning braai stand with meat being grilled , the meat belongs to a dead women a car was present a swimming pool also in a dusty play ground whilst and excavator is just standing still. The dead women was delivered in a truck

Lucky Numbers: 04, 10, 13, 25, 31, 40, 45


2021-08-28 15:51:32

I was carrying a black rooster in my arms

Lucky Numbers: 09, 22, 31


2021-07-27 20:14:17

I dream i got a new car and i am so happy because it is my first time to have a car

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 22


2021-07-27 14:15:18

i was in car and someone drive its underground bridge

Lucky Numbers: 09, 16


2021-06-25 08:36:31

I dreamed that I was sleeping and I heard a sound when I woke up and looked my blood started running I saw a wet female ghost it was like it just came out of water
I tried running by flying or floating I couldn't at first but eventually I was flying running away from the female ghost as it was coming for me
I ran to the front house but it took another way to follow me but I got there very fast crying for help
It was very scary

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 09, 15, 19, 32


2021-06-24 03:20:50

Dreaming of a playful dog but scared of it thinking it will harm me but not harming me and running around and the dog belonging to someone I’m sharing a name with

Lucky Numbers: 09, 11, 14, 20, 33


2021-06-10 13:28:52

Driving to a flooded area. Lost 4 tires while car is moving in the flood. Went back and saw uphill when there’s no flood with my car. Went back again and ask a man for my lost tires
Key People:
Key Place:
Street near school
Key Event:

Lucky Numbers: 14, 16, 17, 24, 29


2021-05-02 10:53:13

Saw my ex boyfriend, then there was a zombie apocalypse happening and we ran into a cave to hide, there was a car accident and I was holding a baby in my hands

Lucky Numbers: 11, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 29, 31


2021-05-01 21:25:21

That I was asked for carrot cake by my decease mother

Lucky Numbers: 03, 15, 33


2021-04-20 13:55:59

To win a big sum of money, buy me a house, nice car and to build my children's a house and the 7 children in the sqautercamp

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 08, 09, 14, 36


2021-04-14 14:01:07

I was travelling in a car driven by another person. At a bifurcation, the driver was confused as to which road to take and the car turned half turtle and stopped where I exited from the car.

Lucky Numbers: 09, 16, 42

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