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2022-11-28 11:03:44

I was sitting and the red chicken looking at me and just like talking so noisy.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 10, 12, 19, 23, 31


2022-11-22 16:12:02

I saw my dad who passed away, he was looking well and happy, I told him I miss him and he told me he loves me too and I cry then I wake up in another dream where I think I’m awake and I am telling my sister I saw our dad and he wa a looking so good

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 04, 32, 48


2022-11-20 05:32:55

I dream wining lotto but it was no number to my betslep it was IPHONE, ANDROID and too more i fogort and i won R10033. When i was cheking the results they come too woman's

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 14, 15, 17


Ancestors child God's favourite
2022-11-18 18:00:29

There's a lady I work with in the same institution but different department had a dream she gave a guy I know her car to do his chores with but I was sitting at the backseat while the guy was driving recklessly trying to hit the other cars while speeding but we never were involved in an accident

Lucky Numbers: 04, 07, 10, 12, 17, 20


2022-11-15 07:32:56

Running to catch 2 rebel along in sea shore after sea another 5 rebel after 2 rebel play basketball with me

Lucky Numbers: 18, 22, 25, 30, 40, 46


2022-11-14 11:51:48

My sister gave me 30000 cash and I decided to drill water and another person said they gave me 10000 cash but I didn't see it

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 12, 17, 21, 29, 32, 33


2022-11-13 14:11:15

I dream sea. Girl asked me where is the way to out here I dont know also though I live here

Lucky Numbers: 04, 05, 06, 07, 17


2022-11-04 10:28:24

I dreamt I was dressing up after bath and my seeing my breasts so large and full and someone commented I now have big breasts

Lucky Numbers: 02, 20, 23, 38


2022-11-04 07:05:11

So I dreamt myself in a gathering church like and was sitting next to this one lady busy telling her how my b.friend disappointed me in life so she asked me to go change what I was wearing and she gave me all yellow clothes to wear whilst we wer on that my phone rang I left that gathering attended the caller who ended up giving me a set of 50 ,20 and 10 us dollars 💵 so I woke up whilst counting the cash and confirming if it was enough .please interpret for me .

Lucky Numbers: 17, 19, 21, 27, 31, 36


Zidane Saidi
2022-11-04 06:51:19

I dreamy friends give me butter fish told me I must go to selling, then I take it to selling in hotel. I saw the 2 customers and he was in the meeting. I wait them until then finish. Then he comes to me to buy a fish. Before he buy my the fish I saw another fish down my back and a guy. I take it and I selling that fish. So please tell the lucky number of my dreams

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 08, 20, 27, 33


2022-10-29 08:30:40

I dreamt of a house with a beautiful garden and a pool that had no water and there were clothes on the washing line ,a guy was chasing me and my baby but we managed to run in to a house and locked ourselves in there.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 06, 20, 26, 30


Zidane Saidi
2022-10-28 08:41:56

I dream I was on the lake and I was swimming with 2 guys. Then 2 guys going coming another 2 guys and teaching each other to swimming, all of them I know and is my relatives

Lucky Numbers: 14, 25, 26, 41


2022-10-28 03:44:32

People gathering at a church,, chased by a hippo, given 1$ notes, crocodile in a big river and a hippo,,

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 16, 37, 41


2022-10-27 12:14:04

I dreamt we where 3 on a line in a filling station trying to withdraw money but the guy in front of me withdraw two 50r note left without taking the money called him but he didn't answer them I took it

Lucky Numbers: 15, 22, 27


Penuel Mhangane
2022-10-24 20:17:42

Dreamt of small babies entering in the dam that has derty water, some of the babies were rescued by a brown cow, when I want to help I became scared. Dreamt of a granny giving me a small stick and said she's giving me all power of being a chief, I'll control rain and she told me to chew the stick and swallow it which I did. I was then announced a chief to the family and community by the granny, after all that she called for rain and it only rained upon me not to other people

Lucky Numbers: 01, 21, 23, 42


2022-10-23 04:12:33

I saw my mother in her parents house washing clothes. I was searching for my formal wear to go to China with my friends. I specifically remember blue linen shirt and khaki trousers. The clothes were in a room which was locked and my mother had the key. When I found her she opened the door and we went in. For some reason she sent me to her brother’s room who lived in the same house. When I went to his room I saw huge cockroaches- they called them mountain cockroaches. I got scared and ran from there and came back to my mother. Unknowingly I carried a few cockroaches with me. I specifically remember 1 huge one. It was flying everywhere. My mother blamed me for getting them to her room and we had a fight. Then I woke up.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 04, 26, 28, 35


2022-10-21 07:09:43

I fix the motorcycle of my friend and his brother get my own helmet run with roller then he back with motorcycle. The go again and he came back another white motorcycle with his friend with my helmet and when they pass helmet change use for his friend.and a child with me play my fixing make it round and the child get it lose the round thin inside of this is a building toys.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 13, 15, 19, 20, 27, 28, 35


2022-10-19 07:36:39

Active boy,albino,flying UFOs, rich guy,mob beating a thieve,in a car with 3 passengers, it was raining,water in a bucket, wedding

Lucky Numbers: 04, 05, 10, 13, 25, 26, 35, 37


2022-10-12 09:59:47

I was in a classroom writing a test, my boyfriend was in the same class, when the teacher was collecting scripts, on my script there was nothing as if I was writing with a pen without an ink but when I was writing names in the script the pen started writing proper and I wrote my mother's name, my name and surname.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 09, 11, 16, 25, 36, 32, 37


Ms M
2022-10-11 17:06:27

I dreamed I had a patient whom I provided circumcision procedure too and I said in the dream that the operation was not done properly and the client came for a 2 days checkup after surgery and I said we will see if we can’t do a second operation to correct if on the 7 days checkup the operation still doesn’t look good.

Lucky Numbers: 17, 45, 47


2022-10-07 09:24:08

I dreamed of my deceased father crying ,and when I try to talk to him he was not responding the tears were just running in his chicks

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 12, 23, 48


vhadesto tau
2022-10-06 05:48:15

I dreamt about writing exams but in the process of preparation I forgot that I also do economics as my other module. some students wrote economics and I was told that I will write it next year what does that mean?

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 12, 16, 25, 28, 37


2022-10-05 10:49:47

A police woman came to tell Me that there are people who have been releasing from jail and your ex boyfriend is one of them and you have to go and take him so I became frustrated and I told her that he has his people who can do that for him not me and me and him are no longer dating and the police officer said no you have to do it and we went there looking for him

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 19, 20, 21, 31


P Michaels
2022-09-26 11:39:16

I dreamed of two trees that my dad planted, but now there is extra ordinary number of termites in that yard, but to my surprise, the tree are still okay even though surrounded by these massive termites

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 08, 11, 14, 18, 28, 33


2022-09-26 07:57:07

I was pregnant while I was walking with a friend when one men came around and stabbed the person I was with many times there was blood all over the place
I fell down and besides me was a note of R100

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 14, 24, 27, 31, 35


2022-09-24 06:18:00

In my dream a colleague and mine saw tiger killing and eating duiker in game farm not far from where kids were playing soccer

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 12, 15, 26


2022-09-18 08:33:50

Saw alot of R10, R20,R50 paper money.
Went to the toilet with deep cracked floors
Toilet had 3 boys sitting with pecies of tissue not saying a word. The other toilets were lacking water. I said I will wait because I wanted to pee. The next thing a big black hairy hand with long nails holds my neck... I sreamed and woke up.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 18, 24, 28, 31


2022-09-15 20:11:49

I had a dream I was amongst president candidates of two different parties. So my late mom was there and I introduced her to one of the President of another party

Lucky Numbers: 03, 15


2022-09-14 03:58:30

I dreamt having any accident and injured legs of a friend.Then I got injured on my head.There was blood .Policeman man came.I was putting money notes in a small bag.One note(money) got tone into halfl

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 18, 26, 27, 33, 35, 41


2022-09-14 05:08:24

i dream about my dead father that he died without our knowledge.
Key People:
father (born in 121154
Key Place:
Key Event:
visiting his hometown relatives

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 16, 19, 26, 27, 41


2022-09-10 08:38:31

I saw something like a planet that was close to me suddenly it became small and it broke up. Inside it was a bread which i went to it and ate the bread but the was people which were fighting me not to get share the bread to other people

Lucky Numbers: 13, 22, 25, 39


2022-09-06 11:41:00

I have dreamt that I was chased by a crocodile that emerged from a dumbing site in the church yard and then I ran to the house where my children were and to my surprise my lover came in and we locked the doors waiting to see what next is going to happen, while we were waiting I saw a forest green creature that looks like a dinosaurs pursuing the locked door

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 17, 25, 34, 41


Ashton Rembani
2022-09-06 07:14:17

i had a dream while in a journey walking by foot with my family, i was carrying a paperbag with eggs then suddenly i met my cousin for the first time who then asked me to buy her an exercise book, we walked until we noticed ourselves reaching our destination in a place in south Africa called Gauteng , that's all i could remember

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 13, 14, 26, 27, 32


2022-09-05 19:45:45

Please note that this is a lucid dream that are felt so real. I suddenly woke up on a sofa in a living room of my crush who's a woman. I remember I was there because we had a party last night, but then I saw her mom talking with her friend in the dinning room so i pretend to sleep again, and when i sleep i wake up in a real world, and i sleep again in the real world and manage to wake up and continuing the same dream. But this time my friend is infront of me doing a squat with a sexy white short with a pink flower pattern, the flower pattern is like what patrick star pants in spongebob used. And then get up from the sofa and trying to find my way out into the gate there's arround 2 to 3 dogs, 2 of em inside of a cage and one of em with a chain. So I release all of them to cause distraction so i could get out. However when i'm about to get out I realised that no one could see me, I was invisible. So i sneak my way back in into her room and suddenly i saw her parent and trying to avoid them I sit on a long chair near the wall, however her parent who's about to go out are about to wear shoes so both of em sit on where i sat besides me, im in the middle. Then her mom suddenly touch my hand and thought that's her husband hand, cause they couldn't see me but could feel me. When she realized she's touching a hand i remove my hand and suddenly bot her parent are holding hands and they're leaving. So i go into my crush room to have sex with her, however I saw her talking with a friend and her maid, there she said something about her parents about to divorced but somehow impossible because her parent been married for about 16 years. However it means that one of her parent (could be her mom) might not her biological parent because she's 20 years old already, so impossible for the marriage to be less than her age. Then when I try to reach her to feel her hot body, suddenly I woke up. And couldn't get back to the dream again.
Just for info I'm 21 years old male turning 22 this september

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 15, 18, 20, 33, 38


2022-08-31 11:21:30

Me and my father's siblings were fighting over my dead granny's belongings and she's been dead for 3 years now, same dream my granny's cousin which I didn't attend his funeral gave me a hug

Lucky Numbers: 16, 17, 21, 23, 34, 39, 43


2022-08-29 07:36:15

I saw my ex girlfriend in my dream.in my dream she was telling me how she needs to clear another exam for her chartered accountant (ca).although she already cleared it in real.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 11, 16, 22, 32


2022-08-21 19:29:47

I dreamt of me all dressed in a pink saree and putting a lot of gold chains around my neck and den i didn't have earrings and while talking go my fren Jessica and telling her that im waiting for David to pik me up for the function but no cell fone Dave had for me to contact him, jus then my fone rings and i got up

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 10, 28, 31


2022-08-20 11:11:24

I dreamnt whilst i was driving a bus.I was the driver taking people to the distination.
Along the road were pedestrians so i had to manoeuvre the bus skillfully to avoid hitting them.I indicated left,turned then right.Wake up when i was to turn right to the destination.Time was 04:14.The road was good on the side of the road were dry grass and gorges.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 18


2022-08-19 11:37:18

I dreamt I was in my primary school hall full of the people I know now but they were younger then, and I was also applying for a teacher position job at the very same primary school I attended. I also dreamt hitting a young girl on the head and she took me to a police station but I wasn’t arrested.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 04, 13, 16, 32


2022-08-14 10:02:46

I saw a big volt fell from the sky, and I saw a lot people who were trying to open it, but none of them had the right code except fot me. So, I open the volt, and that's when I heard someone said nobody living on earth should have this number

Lucky Numbers: 11, 20, 25, 29, 31


Lekh bahadur
2022-08-06 15:42:20

In a house 4 men was sleeping in my dream what is the lottery no.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 12, 18, 19, 49


Dark Angie
2022-08-04 16:23:13

I dreamt my sister teaching me how to swim in the sea with sharks so they don’t bite/attack me. So i had to dive down to the sea floor and grab the sand in my hands and slowly release it as i swam to the surface and i was instructed not to look back at the sea floor as i swam up. At first i was scared and i would forget to take sand but started to relax as i as repeated the technique and grasped it without fear or panic.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 12, 15, 17, 28, 47


2022-08-02 12:05:46

Dream of an unknown girl scold me.

Lucky Numbers: 15, 16


2022-08-02 04:03:42

I dreamt a lion chasing me and my friends..we hide in the room but the windows we not properly closed.the the lion did not saw us

Lucky Numbers: 02, 12, 14, 15, 35


2022-08-02 09:37:35

My sister calling me and she is crying,then she said Our mother was died .she did not tell if how it happen but i fell in accident... and i was shouting long louder by saying Noooo.... cause i don't accept what i heard. :'(

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 12, 14, 15, 17, 29, 32


2022-07-29 09:34:38

Dreaming about my ex after he found my phone that I lost gave it back to me and walked away not saying a word to me

Lucky Numbers: 14, 17, 20, 21, 27, 31


2022-07-28 05:40:18

I dream of my mother going to a foreign country in African and refused to get injections from the doctor for the traveling. She said she will drink a herbal tea. I started cry and telling her that she is not going because she will get sick because she has a heart condition and I don't want to loose her. And we both cried a lot

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 11, 18, 32, 33


2022-07-27 09:10:53

I dreamt my sister having new boots changing them to fit on like 2 pairs what numbers is it,and I dreamt going to buy cabbage but the seller did not sell it to me she sold to another lady while she told me that the cabbage was not there please help me with numbers

Lucky Numbers: 09, 12, 15, 17, 33


2022-07-26 18:29:27

I saw halconia flowers outside the house, i went inside the gate and saw my dead mother alive and asked her where the scissors are, she pointed to the stainless scissors but its for cutting hair. I said not this kind of scissors then she told me its just there somewhere.
Then next night, i saw my dead uncle alive in my dream while i was walking and holding a spread blanket and told him im going to put the blanket somewhere up there, he said ok, just put there.
My mother just died last week and my uncle last year.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 15, 17, 24, 27, 31, 37


Jb a female
2022-07-23 13:35:43

Starts with me sleeping in with my parents in a big bed. I move to another bed but I'm scared to do so because of zombie woman stuck in that area. Turns out she isn't really a zombie. Now there are a group of kids. Me and a guy sneak away to get mcdonalds. We encounter some kids. One kid is upset and appeared to be crying because he couldn't buy mcdonalds. His friends were happy cause they got their mcdonalds. Upon arriving to ordering station/booth it was kind full. I try to make space by embracing closely a female friend I apparently was attracted to. She says she needs to talk to me afterwards privately. While embracing her I felt a gush come out of me from inside my pants. End of dream

Lucky Numbers: 27, 29, 30, 33, 35, 38


2022-07-23 14:43:10

Travelling with a man who's raising my son,asked him if i could see him,was very hesitant to say yes but eventually agreed,as we walked i picked up 5 silver R1 coins,when we got to the house his wife who is suppose to be dead is alive in my dream,she wasnt happy but he said its time for my son to know the truth,she agreed and when i saw him it was emotional,he is 20yrs old,his girlfriend also living there with his son of 2-3 yrs old,exact replica of my son,went out and the guys wanted to hurt this man and my son jumped in and said leave my dad alone....and then i woke up

Lucky Numbers: 07, 09, 10, 12, 20, 23, 32, 42


Nkokhelo Mayila
2022-07-19 17:54:43

I had a dream about someone I know from my childhood, someone who is working hard to improve in life. Someone I am not close to, but have known for many years, someone I saw recently, someone I have on social media accounts

Lucky Numbers: 08, 09, 12, 15, 21, 25


2022-07-14 10:22:55

Having sex with my sister..what is the Lucky no?

Lucky Numbers: 24, 32


Oliver ozoemena odenigbo
2022-07-12 09:27:36

Good morning I dreamt when I was rushing to poop but it started coming out on me so I cleaned it, but not properly, second one I dreamt about when someone is shooting radically and we all running in the dream, what number is that because I want to play uk49

Lucky Numbers: 08, 12, 17, 20, 25, 34, 43


Pi Too Chi
2022-07-11 16:14:47

I dreamt that a man was with a car trying to take or snatch twins babies from a woman. I was protecting them and trying my best not to lose them.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 07, 11, 18, 21, 33


Lilia Pallay
2022-07-09 16:09:12

i dream this afternoon having an activities ,catching a crab in a pond,we group into 3 and in each group have many members of 4-7 people i belong to the many members,and after we have group,our next activities is to catch a crab.when we are already in the pond,the other team coudn't find the crab.i saw three crabs and i got the biggest one.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 08, 09, 25, 26, 31


2022-07-06 07:59:26

I dreamed that I got a lot of money that I'm hiding it at the bottom pocket of my purse and a gun then the police come to our house searching for the gun,they put all our belongings outside the house so they could find the gun. I was afraid if the police found out about the money so I went outside to look, then I saw my purse outside but I ddnt know if they found out the money I'm hiding but I saw they found out the gun they put it in the other side of my purse then I woke up I realize that I dreamed like this before they just repeat it again.thank you..

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 17, 25, 30, 33, 41


2022-07-02 09:57:43

I dream me and small boys and girls age 12to13 we where in our way close gate in the school premises the was dog 🐕 was beating on us but not hurt I see old lady she told me I'm not too far I must try I'm almost to win as she try also she win same game lottery and we run to near houses because of the dogs after minutes we went back on school premises it was very dirty inside I clean so fast and I mop in the floor it was dark out side

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 09, 21, 32


2022-06-30 13:50:52

We were heading back home and my husband killed 1 weasel, 2 pheasants, and 1 of 2 polar bear. Them the mother polar bear started attacking us and my dream restarted with me not having any powers

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 12, 13, 18, 32


2022-06-22 05:27:21

In My Dream I Was Walking Towards A Bridge,So I Saw People Standing On The Bridge Looking Down One Of Those People I Know Her,They Were Watching A Big Black Snake,Once I Got There The Snake Started Chasing Us,It Followed Me,I Started Throwing Some Stones And The Snake Opens It Mouth To Catch The Stones While It Was Busy Chasing Me. A Rushed In To This Other House Which I Don't Know And Climbed A Wire Fence,While I Was Busy Trying To Escape I Saw An Old Man There Busy Doing His Garden,The Snake Was Busy Coming. I Managed To Escape And Got Into Another Street That Led Me Home. This Is My First Time Remembering A Dream In The Morning After So Many Years Of Dreaming And Wake Up In The Morning Trying To Remember What I Dreamt About.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 07, 12, 18, 20, 21, 25


2022-06-22 08:04:09

Me and my siblings are in a grocery, my mother, who was amputated on both legs and had died last april was in the dream. She called me and told me to write something down, that she had to leave in five minutes to have sex so that her intestines will not be clumped together. then she stood up and walked towards the exit

Lucky Numbers: 02, 03, 04, 09, 15, 21


2022-06-21 14:37:02

I dreamed i was on a bus didnt know i was naked .when i realize i was i tried cover myself .

Lucky Numbers: 14, 16, 25, 29


2022-06-18 13:08:14

I have a dream and saw 2 baby boy and a mother neighbor which i knew in person told me that the other baby boy was mine. And i said no, it was the other one lying in bed. I get the baby in bed and hold him and he was so heavy that it made me laid on my back on the floor while hugging him. The fact that i don't have a baby boy in real life because i'm single now.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 17


2022-06-18 06:21:28

I was sitting while pumping in the deep well 'I saw my cousin looking at me while I’m pumping the water.
a boy next to me waiting for my bucket to fill ‘later on two young men came one short and thin the other tall and thin too
when my bucket was full I picked it up and walked not far from the shed I stopped to rest one of the two young men approached me the lowly young man approached me and asked my name I answered my name is lyn
and I picked up the bucket again the two young men were still looking at me on the other side of the road and while walking slowly because the bucket I was carrying was heavy I caught up with the young man who was flirting with me then with the sister girl the child's body was quite fat about six years old girl I kept walking until I came to the houses of the poor people in an alley I met a young man pulled the folded clothes on my body I adjusted the tying of my apron opposite the little window with a thin wooden support when the quite fat woman saw me count told me why are you raising your apron there in front of the window . when I can tie my apron I lifted the bucket full of water again I noticed I was already past our house. I came back when I got to our house. I saw the man, who was tall and thin. He was just briefed, turned around. I went in and landed. the bucket I looked out the window I saw my uncle looked up at me it was fat with his brother he was also quite fat .my uncle passed away a long time ago, my auntie told me to have coffee first just my auntie's voice I heard that he ordered me to make coffee, I washed the cup, I vomited, when I spit out water, I also spit out green phlegm, which weighed a lot on the opposite side of where I spat. My uncle, who had long since passed away, was also there. but in my dream it was healthy and alive with his brother I noticed the house grew with copra below and there was a large molded concrete stove at the bottom of the house and also upstairs there was a big brewer's house that I lost my mug next to me I find the mug put in the bag of cups but it was different until I woke up

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 09, 13, 15, 18, 19, 25, 31


2022-06-11 08:23:02

My parents buy a helicopter worth 200,000. They ride the helicopter and my parents crash. my father was okay but my mother had a severe injury in the head she rushed to the hospital , upon hearing the news that they had a helicopter crash my father fetch me using a motorcycle together with my brother ,actually it is 2 motorcycle the color of 1 motorcycle which my father using is red, I thought the hospital where my mother in, is on the other island that's why I ride a small boat I the seawater is clear, and my neighbor who riding in the other boat asking me if I'm going to watch a graduation ceremony, I told her not I'm going to my mother then he told me my mother was dead and the hospital she brought in was not in the island instead in a city where i already pass by. I feel a great sorrow , grief and I'm crying in my dreams

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 13, 15, 20, 27, 31, 32


2022-05-31 10:23:35

I was in a room with a gay person unaware thinking it a female. We kissed then I realised it was a man. Some one called and he immediately runaway towards the security building behind and disapeared. Then there were snakes in the same room. Snakes like pythons. Others were trying to feed on each other while others were dead. There came three boys and a big snakes apeared and took one of the boys trying to rap around him before it swallos him. The young boy fought back and escaped. Then another dream after that my colleages were knocking off so we travelling back home in a bus and encountered community riots .

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 08, 14, 16, 29


2022-05-28 11:17:32

I've dreamt playing dice with some other boy we not that closed but we were playing together then I took out my money and lost. After playing he showed me his matric certificates then I asked him why do you play dice with impressing result I was sitting on bed that time

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 13, 18, 23, 25, 29


2022-05-27 10:03:57

I was in middle of the sea but I did not drown something cam up it was half shark and half human

Lucky Numbers: 04, 28, 47


2022-05-23 09:45:33

I am about to cross a very big flowing but not flooded river. There are some people walking about in the river and mostly women. Some people cross the river towards a big mountain. I am standing on a big rock with my stick in the middle of the river. Someone tells me if I need to cross the river easily, I will have to go on the right side and go to number 15 for easy crossing.
Key People:
strangers, women
Key Place:
big flowing river
Key Event:

Lucky Numbers: 03, 05, 07, 13, 15, 17


2022-05-23 09:41:05

dreaming about the falling nobody got hurt .

Lucky Numbers: 06, 24


2022-05-23 09:28:54

dreaming of falling wall but nobody hurt

Lucky Numbers: 09, 15, 20


2022-05-23 05:34:19

I have been walking in the bush with my daughter and i picked money it was R160 only notes then asked my daughter where is the money i gave you then she went back to look for the money while i have it

Lucky Numbers: 17, 23, 26


2022-05-16 11:32:55

I dream being in my mother kitchen which we used when we grew up but its no longer there. It was me and my 3 kids and my boyfriend. Then the green locusts(phymateus viridipes) came into the kitchen hoping then we were terrified because we are scared of them as they are believed to be poisonous. Suddenly i had packs of yoghurt which i shared with everyone and we started eating. Thereafter i realised there was a locust which i had bit its head and ate it. I screamed telling my daughter that i had eaten this poisonous thing.then woke up and felt as if it was real.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 09, 21, 30, 36


2022-05-14 15:33:10

in my dream i got approached by a white girl in a crowd of people of which was healthy but the skin had goosebumps,we left together only to come across a known friend of mine who carried two fresh Pineapples and in a dream he started throwing stones at me in a playful manner while I was with the white girl.we were in a open field of which looks like a school playground.

Lucky Numbers: 15, 16, 21, 32, 35


2022-05-13 07:42:51

I dream of a big nice with nice bed and bedings and 1 room wen I entered I found a lady and was my brothers wife.
Another dream I found myself having sex with my nebour a it was very shameful

Lucky Numbers: 04, 15, 17, 19, 20, 24, 38


2022-05-12 09:01:05

Many people were accompanying me and I changed an outfit that I was wearing to another outfit

Lucky Numbers: 19, 22, 32, 42


2022-05-12 08:08:08

Me and my friends were playing in a small river, the water wasn't that much, and I warned one of them that there's a little hole inside that river, and that it's dangerous if one were to jump into it or play around it she might not come back, and one of my friends looked for it, jumped inside it but fortunately for her she came back, she jump right in and pulled back.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 16, 26, 30, 33, 35


2022-05-10 09:24:57

I dreamnt I was in a house flooded with water trapped in a room with some other collegues. And all of a sudden there was a crocadille that we had get away from. We were in a little float boat but it had turned over and everyone fell out but tried to hurrily get back on the float boat. I on the other hand, saw the crocadille heading towards me, I was scared but i grabbed it from it's mouth and yelled for help to help me kill it. When i held it, I noticed that half of its body was chopped off so i didn't really struggled with it. I continue yelling, asking for help and said "hurry up this crocadille is hurting my hand". It was a boy that helped me and i told him to cut it from the middle down to its throat. And so we all saw a hammock that wah tied on both end on a tree. We all tried to get on it and little after struggling for us all to fit. We saw a baby crocadille which we had put in a dish. We had the thought that there could be more and so we tried getting on top of material stuff. I was on a washing machine where all the clothings was around me. And so i said i would stay there and wait for my baby to wake up and i can change him. Later on i saw a little alligator which i was afraid of. More people entered the room in which we were trapped and just walked in, while the little alligator was right there and didn't do nothing.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 14, 16, 20, 23, 28, 43


2022-04-23 08:14:13

many snakes appeared in the house. but the snakes are harmless, trying to get rid of them. on the last part saw a white snake crawling in the wall fighting with another colored snake, we cheer that the white snake will win. and the white snake won.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 13, 28, 34, 36


2022-04-22 09:38:13

When you Dream of being in party with people you no

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 06, 15


2022-04-20 20:38:11

Was in a room with about 3 mirrors my son went outside saw him through the mirrors then through the window on the east then I saw a woman to the north. A friend was with me she had a child she went out for help. She got .then I went out the door on the west I saw puppy's and kittens together . some dogs were in a cage away from them .

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 09, 12, 17, 28, 35


2022-04-20 09:48:01

I dreamed about my late friend refilwe she was so happy to seeing me saying that it's been to long not seeing each other in that dream she was dancing and singing and her other friend come to join us as we were sitting . I did cook papa and meat and I called her to come and take the plate of food

Lucky Numbers: 07, 09, 19, 21, 27, 41, 49


2022-04-20 06:17:42

A take baby on my back and someone give me another baby on my hands

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 11


Jessy J
2022-04-18 17:49:07

Hi.. i dreamed of a mermaid in the see it was so beautiful and blue and there were few other mermaids just swimming in the sea.. so this mermaid showed me a casket that i need to get but i couldn't swim so i asked this two other guys to get it for me.. it's like i can see everything inside the water but i'm not inside but i see everything that's happening.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 13, 14, 28, 31, 32, 44


2022-04-13 20:58:28

I dreamt I was driving a taxi but I couldn't change the padels properly and there was a man inside. U kept trying to control the padels but the taxi was moving. I didn't know how it moved but I was the one driving it.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 08, 12, 18, 22, 31


2022-04-09 11:30:03

Was I a car with my late brother and he said he was taking me to my late mother.i said no let me call her before we go .wen I called she said no don't came will call me wen she wants me to came.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 15, 25, 27, 32


2022-04-07 11:06:00

I was kissing a guy I don't know who seemed like a gangster and I went to the toilet to urinate and I stumbled into poo

Lucky Numbers: 03, 12, 15, 26, 29, 32, 35


2022-04-06 10:29:43

I had a dream Wearing an army uniform with all smiles on my face as i was running i met with my aunt along the way and I said to her you see now finally things are falling into place.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 14, 26


2022-03-26 08:05:33

I was travelling on a long road with a car in the bushes with small kids, reached a very steep hill that a car could not go over and used a road on the side to go over the hill and at the top I found a naked white woman sitting inside a pond full of dirty water and she was friendly with me and told me we can cross and that's when I helped the kids to cross as well. On the other side it was going down and looked better but kids were complaining of getting wet and I told them we will dry up along the way at that moment I remembered my phone that it maybe fell inside the pond and woke up

Lucky Numbers: 02, 05, 15, 17, 28, 36, 42


2022-03-24 06:51:48

I dream of a well known, beautiful actress holding a beautiful baby girl

Lucky Numbers: 09, 13, 17, 28, 33, 48


2022-03-23 16:00:17

saw my second husband he tells me he is a vampire and his two big sons sitting on the sofa i ask him if they are also vampires he says no. then i see another man little older wearing glasses just sitting and looking with hardly hair

Lucky Numbers: 12, 13, 15, 24, 32, 38, 42


2022-03-22 09:35:54

I was surprised with kids so my stomach run so there were no toilet around I just poop all over the surface

Lucky Numbers: 02, 11, 12, 17, 27, 28, 30, 36


Da li
2022-03-20 15:06:17

I dreamt being at school with my friends only no other school kid and my grandmother is there ordering us to.clean the school hall because the principal wants it clean . So me and my friends just played while cleaning just those school vibes.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 16, 18, 21, 35


2022-03-19 14:22:57

I happened to find a lady in my office writtiing something on a paper. I asked what she was doing in my office without my permission. She answered that the other dude am sharing office with let her in. She included that she was studying because they lack electricity at their apartments. All of a sudden, there was a little celebration outside my office opposite to one of buildings where I work at and people were putting ice buckets heads storming into another room. It was as though it was someone's birthday. The person birthdaying was a grown up dark man with cut her in casual. Some people were trying to hide for him to pour him with water but he became aware before that happens.

I found myself back in the office and asked the lady for her numbers. She hesited but eventually took my dairy which I use to write lotto results numbers and wrote four numbers which I remember.

Lucky Numbers: 08, 17, 19, 38


2022-03-18 11:13:39

I was in taxi with my mom it entered a ward I didn't know when we entered we passed an old white sitting next to the gate. I entered the house there was this old white woman she was unpacking the grocery. I set on the table it was full of dinner food people where eating on the dream my auto is a domestic worker in that house.as I was eating on the table a dog came running like it's gonna bite me the dog wanted the meat. People where happy on the table.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 09, 11, 15, 29, 33, 39


2022-03-16 11:41:18

i drreamt booking and pay for a htel for a vacation with my two friens- when we arrived at a hotel to check in , the receptionist told us there are no more vacant rooms. we eneded up going back , even htought we paid for the hotel stay

Lucky Numbers: 06, 15, 17, 35


2022-03-16 08:42:30

I was in a taxi and paid a driver, i then suddenly found myself walking with a fit beautiful girl to her house, where by she showed me an iPhone. I then went back to the taxi and the driver was no longer a man but it was now a woman. I asked for a refund but i was told that the driver lost the cash. I went home to report the incident but i found my uncle lying down with her girlfriend.

Lucky Numbers: 09, 12, 21, 23


2022-03-14 14:19:29

I had a dream seeing two people died we did everything to wake them up bit to no avail . Then they resurrected the next day. What is the winning numbers.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 09, 13, 31, 42


2022-03-08 08:26:52

I was at my grandmothers house in the rurals when ii saw a traditional wedding outside not knowing it was my sisters now I realize they didn't tell me she was getting married looked like she was getting married because she was with child I then got in a fallout with them the one who was getting married then went to undress sit with me and apologized

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 10, 15, 22, 26


2022-03-01 10:03:20

I saw a big cobra and and one small seems like chasing the small one then we came and the big one bit one guy and as I approached to kill the snake the snake try to strike me so one lady make some noise and pushing the bushes in order to attract the snake and the snake turn towards her and she was bitten. She was almost dying so I pick up one stick the size of my arm and I hit the cobra and kill it. After that both the woman and the man came back alive.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 19, 25, 31, 32


2022-02-28 08:22:13

My dream is about pooping my toddler baby and I'm catching a crabs w/ my family Ang friends. Its like a family and friends outing near from seaside.I want to know what lucky numbers had in my dream.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 13, 23, 27, 35, 41


2022-02-26 16:02:28

In my dream my friend give me a piles of banknote then I kept under my feet with sacks.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 21, 29, 33, 36


2022-02-25 09:38:35

I had a dream when I'm loss,I don't know how to go home...until I find a 1 store and front of the store have many banana tree,1 moringa tree and 1 mango tree....

Lucky Numbers: 02, 12, 16, 24, 31, 39, 40


2022-02-24 16:58:56

I had a dream where I gave birth to a child and it was easy delivery and I felt no Pains.

Lucky Numbers: 24, 47


2022-02-24 15:44:59

Arabicman come to my house with seed .I help him wash of water the seed of papaya fruit then i gave it to him then he told me where not meant for each other.Arabic man leave me a bag of papa seed.
Im with my nephew in my dream.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 10, 12, 17, 22


2022-02-23 08:12:42

It was my wedding day we were busy preparing decorations and other stuff and I was worried because nothing was prepared I didn't have a wedding dress and I was busy calling my boyfriend want to tell him to not embrass me and wear tekkies in our wedding day and I couldn't reach him. On the other side my mother was begging this pastor to come and lead my wedding ceremony. Everything was just a mess except the decoration suddenly a strong wind arise and destroy the decoration.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 11, 15, 20, 22, 26, 32, 36


2022-02-15 11:39:32

I dreamt I had sex with My own niece and after that dream another dream of being bit by a snake on the left finger but it wasn't deadly. What's the number

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 14, 16, 21, 26, 28, 31


2022-02-10 06:04:34

Me and my mom where buying beer then I was taking money from a drain there was money and worms then I was running with a lady I dnt know

Lucky Numbers: 02, 03, 10, 16, 23, 28, 31, 39


2022-02-09 04:22:17

Funeral for my late brother saw hearse and at graveside no body had to go back

Lucky Numbers: 08, 11, 15, 30, 32, 43


2022-02-09 01:07:49

I was driving a car and all of a sudden it lost control made it look like i dont know how to drive and everyone was laughing at me even people i trusted and they started to mock me

Lucky Numbers: 07, 16, 30, 33


2022-02-08 07:46:41

I pick-up a co-worker and suddenly pulled over by several men to ask for help but unknowingly doing something like removing wheels, looking for something tools...and suddenly got into a place not our own and wandering what happened and bump into a man who just finished pooping and decided ride a jeepney or bus to an unknown place.....and thats it.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 12, 26, 40


2022-02-04 08:16:03

My dead ex boyfriend (high school sweetheart) came back to life, I went to see him, his younger brother’s welcomed me with so much affection, my younger brother was there, his friend threatened to lie about me dating someone. I ignored him and got into the house to see him, we hugged and kissed, he told me he didn’t want to die he had so many plans, he cried apologised, his arms felt like home

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 04, 11, 13, 23, 31, 38, 40


2022-02-03 06:53:36

In my dream I saw my 3 classmate in high school aryan,pilita, and madelyn. Pilita and madelyn was my close friend but pilita already past away like more than 20 years ago In my dream we were in our classroom and were talking about our project to submit product that can sell on amazon I ask aryan if she finish her product she said yes she is the first who finish among us and it's already selling and ask pilita if she done with her product she said she didn't finish it yet. This time I'm selling on Amazon but my product is not selling good yet..what it means in my dream?

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 10, 16, 25, 31


Cynthia Gava
2022-02-01 16:20:18

I dream of big white smoke coming from industrial area from one company to another

Lucky Numbers: 09, 13


2022-02-01 00:21:45

I always saw my ex boyfriend in my dreams but I'm already married now. I ddnt think about him but I dream of him many times,we dont have any communication for a long time.

Lucky Numbers: 20, 21, 31


2022-01-29 08:49:47

I dream my ex boyfriend giving me 3 R50,on my walk I met his wife she stop me and talk to me very nicely,she tell me about the girl who date her husband she tell about bad things that the girl is no longer happy.

Lucky Numbers: 09, 11, 20, 21, 25, 29, 31


2022-01-14 13:15:44

I was having a bath in my primary school toilet then I started mopping the floor all of a sudden this woman come from nowhere fighting me for d mop and how I fight her of she slam against the wall and went straight through the wall and disappeared

Lucky Numbers: 07, 16, 19, 22, 26, 47


Nkululeko Francis Hadebe
2022-01-08 06:15:02

dreamt winning lotto ticket changed it to money but it was not shared equally. also dreamt winning lotto numbers

Lucky Numbers: 02, 08, 15, 27


2022-01-05 07:15:37

I dreamed I entered a house and a brown pit bull which belongs to someone I know attacked me and bit my right hand. When it let go there wasn’t a wound on my hand

Lucky Numbers: 09, 10, 20, 21


2021-12-31 06:11:24

Was walking with my friend accompanying her to her place. Her water brokes and she was crying for help then I saw also blood coming, then I tell her to to look. After not looking the blood disappeared and a head with the tube came out first. I ran for help

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 13, 14, 22, 35


2021-12-28 10:20:51

Dreamt I was at a pool house with a family (strangers). A yellow snake chased me but a classmate caught it (didn't know when she appeared) then a blue snake chased me and she caught it. However, the blue snake got inside my mouth and I bit and killed it. She threw away the head.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 06, 12, 25, 26, 32, 36


King Q
2021-12-24 12:45:23

In my dream I am at a very big school all my former school mates are there but are younger
One of the teachers advised me to start over be a of school age,play with toys,slingshots mostly do my homework’s and school work not be at my 40s as I am now and the experience of being young and at school made me happy.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 09, 16, 19, 22, 26


King Q
2021-12-23 12:32:18

I was shown a minor that was raped by an old white dirty man with long white beads
This man was a mad man and the raping incident happened in his dirty sleeping place

Lucky Numbers: 04, 07, 20, 26, 28, 32


2021-12-21 06:33:24

Dream I was urinating in a toilet with no toilet seat at work and actually urinated in the bed

Lucky Numbers: 01, 23, 31


2021-12-07 13:51:12

About church and at the back of the church it has beautiful volcano

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 17, 41, 53


2021-12-05 08:04:26

In my dream I saw a big crocodile in a dug out eating fishes . After a while another crocodile also eating fishes besides the first crocodile in a dug out besides the first one

Lucky Numbers: 01, 10, 28, 31


2021-12-03 06:38:57

Dreamnt of my father getting out his car and giving me a R10 note with company profile and car keys

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 18, 24, 27, 30, 40


2021-11-07 03:40:47

On the 12th of January 2020, I had a dream where I was standing before a mango tree. I got elevated from the ground to the top of the tree. I plucked 3 mangoes that looked slightly green and yellow in colour. When I wanted to wash the mangoes I realised 2 of them had suddenly disappeared and I had only one left. I had not moved anywhere and was on the same spot I plucked them but 2 mangoes was missing and I was looking for them when I woke up. I noticed a friend called Kingley in the dream.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 22, 24, 31, 35, 37


2021-11-02 12:33:40

I dreamt of me with my ex girlfrien and when we were taking a walk we came across her new boyfriend with another girl aswell

Lucky Numbers: 11, 22, 24, 29, 30, 32


2021-11-02 18:02:02

I dreaming big snake mix color gold/yellow, brown. The snake talking me. Straight body. The snake calmdown my dream about snake Im not scared. Its coll. The snake told me "I'm yours protector". What did you mean my dream about snake.? Thank you

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 23, 26, 27, 33


Jean jack
2021-10-28 19:03:47

Having threesome with wife and unknown man

Lucky Numbers: 07, 27, 28, 38


2021-10-28 16:21:09

I have a dream last night, I was sleeping and my dead grandmother hold my 5 finger left tight then i wake up in my dream with a slight pain and realize she's dead. Then in another dream we have 5, my father, mother, brother, me and my dead grandmother i story to them that she hold my finger then since no light at house, i use my phone flashlight to see my finger then i notice that there a blood in my 5 finger (left), Then i woke up because of my alarm ring. I realize that my grandmother is dead, why i talk to her and see my hand with a blood?

Lucky Numbers: 02, 08, 10, 18, 19, 33, 42


2021-10-19 08:22:07

The dream is about my fathers cows stolen three years ago n i was home laat night and saw them coming back home all 13 of them we have lookes everywhere but could not find them

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 20, 21


2021-10-19 08:19:42

Was at home villages, i saw my mother's limping cow, bellowing non stop, as i was watching many of the cows came from the forest with my youngest brother behind
Key People:
Brother born 1987
Key Place:
Key Event:
Cattle that were stolen 3 years back coming home

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 11, 13, 21, 34


2021-10-14 10:40:53

I dreamt I was on vacation getting my food and I was getting shrimp and crab. One of the workers also squeeze out that nasty stuff from the crab but I did not watch him.

I had a dream I was covered in bees . I tried to get away from them but they kept coming on me but they did not bite

I had a dream last night about being in a vehicle with one of my sisters who does not talk to me

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 12, 15, 31, 37


2021-09-11 14:54:07

I saw a girl is jumping and then flying like a bird
Key People:
She is my my alive elder sister
Key Place:
Unknown place
Key Event:
Jumping and flying

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 17, 32


2021-09-10 14:09:53

dreamed of my brother in-law
dreamed of a brown bear
dreamed of myself running
dreamed of my friend not allowing me to talk

Lucky Numbers: 01, 15, 19, 25, 27, 35, 39


2021-09-08 07:18:01

I dreamed I was having sex with a woman I didn't know in the bathroom

Lucky Numbers: 08, 20, 26, 32


2021-09-02 08:06:06

I dream going somewhere holding a blanket it kept on falling on the way then l ended up not finding it..and l also dreamt seing my aunt drunk.l also dreamt my boyfriend from Pakistan visited me we were sleeping together inside blanket

Lucky Numbers: 07, 16, 17, 21, 25, 27, 31, 36


Ok smart
2021-08-18 06:31:49

I saw our governor's sons one hand is faulty,one of my family members drove a truck in making 3 trucks and there was a party like in our family house.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 11, 12, 17, 33


2021-08-08 12:59:42

I was walking with my wife and police without uniform wanted to arrest my wife for not wearing a musk... Those two police officers were not wearing their musk as well so I confronted them...later on its like one of the police was now chasing my wife...in my defense I told the police officer that she's pregnant so she was trying breath and there was a lot of people around us

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 20, 23, 24, 25, 27


2021-07-27 12:18:35

I dreamed about my mother giving me 3 numbers so i what know what number is and what does it mean.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 03, 08


2021-07-24 10:40:33

I dream I was in my own shop and I have a small shop ...I was selling t shirts to a customer and her small girl was with her ...and then a unknown lady came an give me a bunch of keys in my right hand and said it is the house keys look after the house ..than she left than I put the keys in my left breast to keep it safe

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 03, 20, 27, 34


2021-07-17 11:51:48

I dream of myself complaining that am not happy that things are not right for me and am alone

Lucky Numbers: 14, 18, 25


2021-07-14 15:16:55

I saw a huge pile of yellow mangoes in the neighborhood and I picked some of it and gave to my mother because nobody is around.
Key People:
Key Place:
Key Event:

Lucky Numbers: 02, 17, 25, 32, 36, 39


2021-06-29 09:32:19

Dreaming of My Pastor and His wife, we were worshiping and praising God as a congregation...so Pastor asked why the service is held in his own house not Church?

Lucky Numbers: 07, 12, 18, 23, 27, 32, 35


2021-06-28 10:56:59

i dream of well it was a sepcial eventthat they were having and i had to work that shift and i didnt want to work that shift and the event that they were having it was really special and i did not want to miss it for the world because i know i was going to be the event and i just had to be seen that nite and my boyfriend was off that nite but she also wanned to go but she just new i just had to go see she really didnt know anything about the event so she really wasnt interested in going so i had asked her if she could work my shift and she say i really dont want to go to that event cause she really dont know anyone that is in you age group so she said yes i will i wasnt gonna do nothing anyway but sit in the house all knight so yes i can always use some extra money and when me and maco got to the event there she was working my shift

Lucky Numbers: 11, 25, 26, 36


2021-06-28 15:18:35

I was standing near a shop by a pole so there was this guy flirting with me.
And another guy is the guy flirting with me handed out money to give me it was 2 or 4 R20 and a R10 so the other guys snatched it and ran.
So we were busy swearing at him with this guy
The thief came back with thoughts that he can beat me but I saw my self holding a big stick heating him with it, he was lying down trying to protect himself

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 18, 21, 23, 26, 31, 38


2021-06-25 08:36:31

I dreamed that I was sleeping and I heard a sound when I woke up and looked my blood started running I saw a wet female ghost it was like it just came out of water
I tried running by flying or floating I couldn't at first but eventually I was flying running away from the female ghost as it was coming for me
I ran to the front house but it took another way to follow me but I got there very fast crying for help
It was very scary

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 09, 15, 19, 32


2021-06-24 03:20:50

Dreaming of a playful dog but scared of it thinking it will harm me but not harming me and running around and the dog belonging to someone I’m sharing a name with

Lucky Numbers: 09, 11, 14, 20, 33


2021-06-20 12:13:32

I was sleeping outside the new house covered by an old blanket and this house is beautiful and it is painted by cream white colour and the widows trimmed by black but this house is still not finish and it looks like this house is for my sister so showed me an empty room where she didn't know what she's gonna use it for, i told her she can use it as a laundry room, i told her to put a washing machine, iron laundry basket, washing powder and an ironing board and then i wake up.

Lucky Numbers: 10, 12, 17, 21, 33


2021-06-19 08:54:18

I was with my brother we saw a fence farm with mushrooms red and white but I chose white.the farm was close by the river so we went around the fence and found many of the mushrooms some were plucked already but it was too much that we were thinking of collecting it for business.the other side of the fence was broken so we entered but the other side we had to climb up the fence .the other time I saw myself inside that electric fenced place but there was no power and the keys of the gate were broken.we had some sacks to put the mushrooms and we were very much excited and expecting big money after selling.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 11, 17, 19, 28, 34


2021-06-10 13:28:52

Driving to a flooded area. Lost 4 tires while car is moving in the flood. Went back and saw uphill when there’s no flood with my car. Went back again and ask a man for my lost tires
Key People:
Key Place:
Street near school
Key Event:

Lucky Numbers: 14, 16, 17, 24, 29


2021-06-09 09:31:15

I was in school writing tests with my previous colleague after that we submitted our tests I got of the school there were tall buildings and a teacher advised me that it's not safe to walk alone so he called 2 boys to accompany me, we passed shops but they were closed..
And then I was brushing my teeth so I needed water , we walked until we saw a taxi Rank then I wanted a tap but there was I'm nt sure sea soil or river soil but there was water coming out from the ground and a little boy fetching water I passed that water was getting bigger but I finally found a tap turned it on and clean water came out I washed my mouth

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 16, 22, 31, 41


2021-05-23 22:17:05

I dream about perming hair and I was not happy about perming my hair

Lucky Numbers: 25, 27, 29


2021-05-03 14:45:31

Today's afternoon I saw dream about I am picking 2 yellow banana ,1 yellow papaya,1 yellow mango ,and it is keeping in my refrigerator

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 10, 11, 12, 16, 22, 29


2021-04-15 04:40:06

I was swimming with a trackpant in a river and i jumped down the clif and i was swimming with people I know and don't know, and the water was clear to see through

Lucky Numbers: 21, 33, 38


2021-04-14 14:01:07

I was travelling in a car driven by another person. At a bifurcation, the driver was confused as to which road to take and the car turned half turtle and stopped where I exited from the car.

Lucky Numbers: 09, 16, 42


2021-02-13 07:51:43

in abridge and looking into the water and police asking me questions my coliq told me that my ancestors says i have not done what they asked me to

Lucky Numbers: 01, 05, 12, 17, 26, 41, 44


2021-01-06 18:01:28

Crossing over a bridge unknown big river with wife

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 16, 27

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How to get lucky numbers relate to dreams

1. Choose the most representative people and things in your dreams.
2. Please note that the field of "Item 1" must be filled in to get a lottery number through dream interpretation.
3. Press the "Interpret Dreams Now" button, wait a few seconds, the God will send you the lucky numbers.

About Getting Numbers From Dreams

Everyone who has come to this site is certainly familiar with dream interpretation, so I won’t explain much here. I believe that "how to get lucky numbers from your dreams and how to win the lottery" is the subject that everyone cares about now. And that's the purpose of this site.

This site extensively absorbs and organizes Taiwanese(NOT China) and Chinese traditional dream interpretation knowledge, combines with the theoretical concepts of psychology, and then uses statistical methods to organize the lotto numbers. And then represented them in a simple search engine, everyone will be a good dream interpreter via our tool.

But please note that everyone’s dreams have their own uniqueness, even if they dream of the same people and things, they may have different meanings. Therefore, after obtaining the dream interpretation result and the lotto numbers, please make a judgment based on your own situation in order to get the result that is closest to you. For example, if you dream of a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can find the lucky numbers via our tool, but you must also think that their birthday may be another key to unlock the treasure house. Or if you dream of the same building, one person just bought the new house, and the other is not connected with the new building in his life. These two people will have different understandings of the same dream scene, and they may not always treat it as a clue query. Even inquiries may not be meaningful key things. This is the difference in the meaning of the so-called dream, so be careful.

According to experience, the number from the dream interpretation may not be called out immediately in the current period, and it may appear in the next few days or even a week. Therefore, in terms of practical operation, you will maintain these numbers for at least a few days to the entire week, and you need to be patient.

Finally, please refer to the lotto numbers obtained from dream interpretation, but don’t be too superstitious. Superstition will lose yourself and lose your direction in the dream. It is not good for dream interpretation. Please pay more attention. God interprets dreams, wish you a good dream and make a fortune!

Interpret Dreams for free

If you can't find the right keywords in the dream to interpret your dream, welcome to provide the complete dream. The system will interpret dream and extract the lotto number for you.

Enter Your Dreams
The content of this site is a collection of Taiwanese(NOT China) and Chinese traditional classics, and integrates psychology and statistical methods. Welcome to reference it, but do not be superstitious. God Interprets Dreams, wish you a good dream and make a fortune!
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