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2024-06-13 14:52:38

I dreamt i saw two taxis. In one taxi the passenger kneeled down. I another taxi the passenger turned back and look at me

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 10, 29, 87


2024-05-02 01:14:56

My ex boyfriend's mother was accepting that his son loves me,i ask my ex boyfriend to come to me because i wasn't feeling well

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 11, 15, 32, 53


2024-04-23 14:14:59

I dreamt my husband pushing a wheelbarrow full of metal tools with my grandfather as well.Me I fell in the drum hole and my husband pulled me out.

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 13, 14, 15, 22, 25, 32


2024-04-14 14:38:28

Bad man and Motor car plus wheelbarrow

Lucky Numbers: 17, 18, 23, 30, 40, 46


2024-04-10 17:30:07

My deceased dad told me he wasn’t feeling well & asked me to get him some pills & I forgot to buy them & he wasn’t happy! The next day I forgot again & two friends gave me three! He hated pills

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 15, 17, 18, 19, 35


2024-04-09 17:21:41

A guy I & another girl was sitting around a table, he was having sex with her but his dick was so big I could feel it too behind her & then a coworker saw cum in my hair

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20, 21, 26, 29, 31, 32, 38, 41


2024-02-24 14:13:22

Wearing black heels and jumping from above

Lucky Numbers: 07, 09, 20


2024-02-19 12:44:50

My friend and her ex-boyfriend were playing with a wheelbarrow and having fun.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 10, 20, 21, 31, 35


Catherine kafula kat
2024-02-12 23:02:48

I dream it my uncle brought pineapples in plastic and this pineapple are peeled, and I saw my mum have papaya on bed after that I go to kitchen I saw beautiful cake and ate one

Lucky Numbers: 02, 04, 05, 06, 10, 12, 20, 21, 23, 27


2024-01-31 14:41:28

dream about my old sick father being in his house I was not feeling well he was telling his deceased wife to give me medicine he was looking good in my dream feeling well

Lucky Numbers: 15, 21, 29, 32, 33, 35


2023-11-21 07:30:00

i was biting by a many small black sneak into my intire body ,and there bite turns into white color with no blood and i didn't feel any hurts .

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 10, 12, 13


2023-11-15 20:01:22

My boyfriend telling me that he went to see a Doctor. Not feeling well

Lucky Numbers: 07, 14, 15, 25, 36, 40


2023-11-10 11:58:10

I was in my family old building with many unknown males, one of them was pooing inside steel yellow dish, when he finished, I also took the same dish and poo on it.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 26, 29, 31


2023-10-28 15:36:33

Today i dreamt that my cousin brother was riding a four wheeler and I was sitting with him and moving in dhalaibil station in Durga Puja

Lucky Numbers: 03, 04, 15, 18, 22, 26, 29


2023-10-26 20:33:45

I dream about me peeing in my pants and my pants become soaked and wet while I was lying down sleeping it feels so real but when I woke up it's just a dream.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 09, 10, 14, 21


Chonga thiek
2023-10-06 14:40:30

Seeing a beautiful unknown woman sitting together closely and feeling romantic to each other

Lucky Numbers: 10, 16, 22, 24


2023-09-28 11:38:00

silver coins ,raining ,huge church ,candle with fire,kneeling and pray to mama Mary.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 10, 13, 19, 24, 28, 31, 34, 61


2023-09-27 14:47:46

Two men and a lady visited us in our home, when they leave they told me and my husband to go with them. I did not want to go but my husband said i should go. All wheels were wired and they force it bu

Lucky Numbers: 02, 06, 08, 13, 18, 27, 62


Steve Mogale
2023-09-26 19:37:40

I wss making food and my coffee, as i poured powder milk some spilled but i wiped it wit a cloth, and my brother was there i feeld scared, but we travelled together in a taxi

Lucky Numbers: 02, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 14, 19, 20, 27, 40, 87


2023-09-17 13:07:14

when your palm and fingers keep on eaching feel that you can keeo scratching them

Lucky Numbers: 03, 05, 08, 10


Teboho John Sekhoto
2023-09-13 05:59:55

Today you could feel like withdrawing from the hustle and bustle.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 12, 42, 62


Isaac Asamoah
2023-08-22 13:24:12

I was with friends and they are staking lotto numbers and i saw the numbers Feel like playing some and i stake too.
Lucky numbers: 29,39

Lucky Numbers: 02, 06, 08, 10, 11, 12, 19, 33, 35, 36


2023-08-16 10:57:49

Wheelbarrow two 20 litres paraffin,shop brown coin cents,shop 3 male crushes , plaught field and a woman neighbor

Lucky Numbers: 07, 10, 12, 19, 25, 28, 34


2023-08-16 10:28:46

Went to the shop bought two 20 liters of paraffin placed them in a wheelbarrow then I saw a few of my crushes,came back to the shop took out cents and the left one of them helped carry the wheelbarrow

Lucky Numbers: 08, 09, 11, 15, 17, 20


2023-08-13 23:49:04

Seeing a wheel with million winning in a dream

Lucky Numbers: 20, 26


2023-08-09 00:14:14

Crashing on a single engine plane to my death, and feeling rising to heaven

Lucky Numbers: 05, 06, 09, 10, 13, 14, 31


2023-07-24 13:30:47

Collided car with three stolen wheels only 1 left

Lucky Numbers: 07, 14, 20, 49


2023-07-05 05:53:23

My divorced parents are with me and seem to be scolding or confronting me about something when I see Dad walking away from me in the brand new dress I bought with a how would you feel if look back at

Lucky Numbers: 08, 11, 15, 18, 22, 28, 43


2023-03-17 08:47:03

The dream started as a celebration in a big Hall. People were singing and dancing. To my surprise outside I see three cream/ winter white coffins next to each other. They were about to be transported by an old wooden ship. But the wooden ship was being pull in the tar road. I see myself clearing the road for the Wooden ship as there were few obstacles in the streets. The road became small in between house and I heard coffins were taken away. I was feeling bad for forgetting about one of the lady’s funeral (one in the three coffins). I didn’t see them but I heard that it was this certain lady and a principal of a certain school (female also) in the second coffin. And and the few people kept on following the now empty wooden ship .
Key Place:
Community Hall
Key Event:
Dancing at first and accompanying three coffins later

Lucky Numbers: 07, 10, 13, 18, 20, 22, 27, 30, 31, 32


2023-03-16 10:36:30

I dreamt some one giving me a wheelchair and when I was going I saw people praying by the river wearing white gowns

Lucky Numbers: 04, 05, 07, 10, 27


2023-03-05 13:28:26

I dreamed that I went to a temple with a friend, and then a friend (Ma Zupo) was helping my friend to do the calculations. After the calculation, I told him that I wanted to do the calculations, and then the Ma Zupo touched my hand and felt... the whole The aura is so powerful that I can feel it! When we were about to leave again, a friend who had a god at home suddenly...

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 11, 29, 35, 41


2022-11-27 11:24:34

Riding on 18 wheeler holding on for dear life

Lucky Numbers: 14, 18, 25


2022-11-16 15:14:02

I have dreM playing dice and it was lod then beat 12 everything.then I dream about traveling with car and see school girls steel vegetable in trucks.when we travel with car we see lot of trucks

Lucky Numbers: 03, 07, 19, 26, 29, 31, 42


J The Dreamer
2022-09-13 10:17:55

I was seating with my boss is a room facing each other, in that same room was my older brother's second born son. It looked like we were having a matured coversation and i was feeling comfortable with everything we were talking about. The boy was playing with fresh chips and sauces whilst me and my boss were trying to talk him out of playing with food. It looked as if my boss was blaming me for the haviour of the little boy whose name is Hakeem. The is barely 2 years old and he is very naughty in real life.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 15, 18, 25, 27


2022-09-05 19:45:45

Please note that this is a lucid dream that are felt so real. I suddenly woke up on a sofa in a living room of my crush who's a woman. I remember I was there because we had a party last night, but then I saw her mom talking with her friend in the dinning room so i pretend to sleep again, and when i sleep i wake up in a real world, and i sleep again in the real world and manage to wake up and continuing the same dream. But this time my friend is infront of me doing a squat with a sexy white short with a pink flower pattern, the flower pattern is like what patrick star pants in spongebob used. And then get up from the sofa and trying to find my way out into the gate there's arround 2 to 3 dogs, 2 of em inside of a cage and one of em with a chain. So I release all of them to cause distraction so i could get out. However when i'm about to get out I realised that no one could see me, I was invisible. So i sneak my way back in into her room and suddenly i saw her parent and trying to avoid them I sit on a long chair near the wall, however her parent who's about to go out are about to wear shoes so both of em sit on where i sat besides me, im in the middle. Then her mom suddenly touch my hand and thought that's her husband hand, cause they couldn't see me but could feel me. When she realized she's touching a hand i remove my hand and suddenly bot her parent are holding hands and they're leaving. So i go into my crush room to have sex with her, however I saw her talking with a friend and her maid, there she said something about her parents about to divorced but somehow impossible because her parent been married for about 16 years. However it means that one of her parent (could be her mom) might not her biological parent because she's 20 years old already, so impossible for the marriage to be less than her age. Then when I try to reach her to feel her hot body, suddenly I woke up. And couldn't get back to the dream again.
Just for info I'm 21 years old male turning 22 this september

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 15, 18, 20, 33, 38


2022-09-04 00:37:17

Feeling sick and having money

Lucky Numbers: 26, 31


2022-09-01 06:51:11

I was at work and it feels like someone used charms on me to lose concentraction,and l forgot to place customer's orders

Lucky Numbers: 14, 27, 28, 38


2022-07-15 09:26:12

Simp was driving her car and she drove beside her uncles truck he had falling asleep under the wheel while driving

Lucky Numbers: 08, 09, 10, 14, 40, 49


2022-07-12 00:09:33

Bus I dream is was in the bus sat the last chair my ate aica sat right side edry infront while the bus runs it’s wiggle on the road
I peeped our side it’s wiggling
suddenly front side slowly down the wheels of bus and stop I rush go down all passengers run quick to out of the bus I’m scared perhaps bus bomb ‘I call ate ‘ hurry go down I call edry to hurry out of the bus finally he did

Lucky Numbers: 10, 20, 25, 29


2022-06-11 08:23:02

My parents buy a helicopter worth 200,000. They ride the helicopter and my parents crash. my father was okay but my mother had a severe injury in the head she rushed to the hospital , upon hearing the news that they had a helicopter crash my father fetch me using a motorcycle together with my brother ,actually it is 2 motorcycle the color of 1 motorcycle which my father using is red, I thought the hospital where my mother in, is on the other island that's why I ride a small boat I the seawater is clear, and my neighbor who riding in the other boat asking me if I'm going to watch a graduation ceremony, I told her not I'm going to my mother then he told me my mother was dead and the hospital she brought in was not in the island instead in a city where i already pass by. I feel a great sorrow , grief and I'm crying in my dreams

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 13, 15, 20, 27, 31, 32


2022-03-14 11:07:22

Someone took my equipment away my mother saw the person but leave him took it away, as I cry my mother dont feel pity for me she hurts me more

Lucky Numbers: 02, 18, 33


2022-02-08 07:46:41

I pick-up a co-worker and suddenly pulled over by several men to ask for help but unknowingly doing something like removing wheels, looking for something tools...and suddenly got into a place not our own and wandering what happened and bump into a man who just finished pooping and decided ride a jeepney or bus to an unknown place.....and thats it.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 12, 26, 40


2021-12-16 15:06:16

I dreamt I won the lotto jackpot of 200 hundred Million dollars. I saw my complete name on the screen as the big winner but I couldn’t see any number. I was so happy and excited I was jumping for joy with my husband. I was looking for my winning ticket and suddenly woke up from the dream. It felt so real I could still feel my heart beating so fast and I was so happy. What numbers do you think I should play?

Lucky Numbers: 09, 13, 15, 17, 18, 32


2021-10-28 06:35:28

I dream my sister have bought new, new shoes, in that dream i feel like she is lavishing my inheritance for shoes/luxurious life. What does it mean?

Lucky Numbers: 11, 12, 16, 31


2021-10-11 15:25:56

I was chased by a huge snake brought by my grandmother who is already dead in real life.. Since I was so scared I asked for my aunty for help to kill the snake. The snake placed in our old house . Turned white and my aunty killed it thru A knife I gave her. But It feels like I was the one who killed it. Then my grandmother got mad at me telling me it took her time to prepare that snake for me. Then I just killed it.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31, 49

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