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Dream about baby, what means?

The meaning about dreaming of baby
《AI Classical Dream Interpretation》

Dreaming of a baby typically represents new beginnings or rebirth, or the start of a new project or endeavor. It may symbolize hope and expectations for the future, or a hint that you are rediscovering something new in your life, particularly in relation to love, family, and relationships. It may also signify that your inner world needs more attention and care, requiring more love and warmth. Dreaming of a baby may also indicate that you are facing something that requires attention and care, such as a new project, a new plan, or a new life. This dream could be a reminder for you to be more attentive and mindful of things around you, especially when they involve people or things that require care and protection. It may also suggest that you need more attention and love, or that you need to start afresh in certain aspects of your life. Here are some possible interpretations of dreaming of a baby: New beginnings: Babies often represent new life and new beginnings. This may indicate that you are facing new opportunities, challenges, or plans. Helplessness: Babies can also symbolize innocence and helplessness. This may indicate that you feel lacking in control and power in certain situations. Growth: Dreaming of a baby may also suggest that you need to grow and develop in certain aspects, just as a baby needs to grow and develop. Primal: Babies may also symbolize the primal nature and instincts of humans. This may imply that you need to reconnect with your true nature and unleash your potential. Specific contexts of the baby's appearance: The specific context in which the baby appears in the dream may also influence its interpretation. For example, if the baby is your own child, the dream may be related to your family and responsibilities. If you are taking care of the baby, the dream may indicate that you need to care for and attend to someone or something. New beginnings: Dreaming of a baby may represent that you are about to enter a new phase or plan in life, possibly involving changes in work, relationships, family, or personal growth. Carefree: Babies are often symbols of carefree and innocent beings. Dreaming of a infant may suggest that you need to relax, let go of worries, and enjoy the present moment. Protection and care: Dreaming of taking care of a baby may indicate that you need more care and protection or that you are becoming a more responsible person. Growth: Babies typically symbolize growth and development. Dreaming of a infant may mean that you are growing or need to grow and develop in certain areas. Sense of helplessness: Dreaming of a baby may also represent a sense of helplessness or a need for assistance. This may be related to feelings of powerlessness you experience in real life, where you may need to seek help or support.

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2023-04-10 08:54:24

Dream see big house & baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 39, 40


2023-04-05 09:49:10

i was pregnant didnt know it but went in labor standing up water broke all over someone and out popped the baby on the floor i kept forgetting i had a baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 08, 09, 14, 15, 17, 47


2023-04-05 08:18:28

Baby girl crying

Lucky Numbers: 02, 17, 28, 33


Jhay ar
2023-04-01 15:01:50

I was going home seeing my baby boy smilling in me then we play .

Lucky Numbers: 11, 15, 21, 33, 35


2023-03-30 10:32:06

Dream I am with an ex boyfriend, my sister and a baby boy and I am serving plates of food for street kids. The numbers of plates in my dream was 2 plates 4 plates but it was suppose to be for 8 kids.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 04, 08, 11, 12, 36, 39


2023-03-22 01:30:38

Baby girl with poop all over in her diaper then i washed it

Lucky Numbers: 12, 20, 22, 25, 33


2023-03-16 14:27:59

People wearing all white, baby shower, period blood, laying in bed, iron

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 05, 07, 08, 17, 23


2023-03-16 14:09:30

I dreamt of me and my friends having to attend a baby shower, everyone was in white clothes. But to my surprise i was on my periods with a very heavy flow that i messed up myself then my moms friend suggested I don’t go and my friend n other friend didn’t tell me about it so i thought they didn’t want me there

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 17, 22, 35


2023-02-17 05:12:20

Me and my sister carrying a baby.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 09, 11, 12, 17, 29, 32


2023-02-13 09:28:48

I was in a house carrying a baby boy full with poop all of his body an my hand

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 25, 27, 33


2023-02-02 12:50:33

I was dreaming having a baby boy

Lucky Numbers: 11, 47


2022-12-04 09:22:32

I am dreaming a baby poop in my whole baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 27, 33


2022-11-07 09:43:30

I dream I saw my dead grandmother in a big house,she call me upstairs,while going to her i saw a pool inside I ask my daughter why your baby sister at the edge of the pool,when I reach her she open a door with only one bed in the room with alot of gold jewelry cover the bed,my eyes focus on two same bracelet in the jewelry,my mom came inside,my grandmother take up a ring box open it,one big ring inside and gave it to my mom and then told me all the jewelries on the bed is mine

Lucky Numbers: 02, 07, 15, 16, 21, 26, 39, 40, 49


Camile Levy
2022-11-05 15:59:57

Pregnant women started to bleed , still born baby, crowd standing around just looking

Lucky Numbers: 06, 19, 28, 31, 47


2022-10-30 13:53:31

Dreamed of holding my son when he was a baby

Lucky Numbers: 11, 27


2022-10-29 08:30:40

I dreamt of a house with a beautiful garden and a pool that had no water and there were clothes on the washing line ,a guy was chasing me and my baby but we managed to run in to a house and locked ourselves in there.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 06, 20, 26, 30


2022-10-19 08:54:19

It was in the morning when my father arrived with a white bakkie. He was wearing a traffic uniform . He was with a little baby boy n I was surprised . I asked him if I can hold him and I did hold him he was happy

Lucky Numbers: 08, 11, 13, 16, 19, 33


2022-10-02 07:25:59

I dream of about 6 sheep laying through out a grassy area in front of a tree with them each had 2 baby sheep laying near or on them for comfort.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 08, 10, 14, 26, 28, 38


2022-09-18 12:52:27

Dreaming of a baby poop on your parm hand and part your body.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 06, 13, 24, 27


2022-08-17 07:48:58

Dream of young man putting shoes for baby boy and he's wife is highly pregnant getting ready and packing to go for elective admission for delivery

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 21, 28


2022-08-16 12:37:07

I dreamt that I have my third baby girl. Not even one month can walk, and my mom is taking care the baby.

Lucky Numbers: 02, 14, 28, 33


2022-08-10 11:48:35

I was dreaming about my ex baby daddy gives my daughter money. He was very excited about seeing his daughter. What are lucky numbers

Lucky Numbers: 10, 21, 26


2022-08-04 07:33:41

I dream someone hand me a boy baby and he poop on me

Lucky Numbers: 06, 11, 13, 27


2022-07-26 12:05:34

I dreamed of myself running/or being chased by two man holding a gun and also i waited someone then i saw a human with a baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 08, 17, 18, 26


2022-06-18 13:08:14

I have a dream and saw 2 baby boy and a mother neighbor which i knew in person told me that the other baby boy was mine. And i said no, it was the other one lying in bed. I get the baby in bed and hold him and he was so heavy that it made me laid on my back on the floor while hugging him. The fact that i don't have a baby boy in real life because i'm single now.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 11, 17


2022-06-14 16:51:32

Lady give me paper money she compute for me then she ask me take it then I took the paper money 2 envelope of money I saw dirty sink and big garage I scared to leave the money in the so I hold then I take the 1 year old baby keep inside the traveling bag I’m so scared coz almost he couldn’t breathe

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 15, 17, 21, 29, 32


2022-06-04 04:06:03

I dream that I am reading my ex gf message then I browse her page to see that she is married and expecting a baby

Lucky Numbers: 11, 13, 21, 22, 26, 32


2022-05-29 15:25:01

mulitple water fountaiin
big gate entering big man
baby smiling at the window
mother with 2 kids
1 friend died

Lucky Numbers: 01, 02, 14, 15, 18, 23, 49


2022-05-10 09:24:57

I dreamnt I was in a house flooded with water trapped in a room with some other collegues. And all of a sudden there was a crocadille that we had get away from. We were in a little float boat but it had turned over and everyone fell out but tried to hurrily get back on the float boat. I on the other hand, saw the crocadille heading towards me, I was scared but i grabbed it from it's mouth and yelled for help to help me kill it. When i held it, I noticed that half of its body was chopped off so i didn't really struggled with it. I continue yelling, asking for help and said "hurry up this crocadille is hurting my hand". It was a boy that helped me and i told him to cut it from the middle down to its throat. And so we all saw a hammock that wah tied on both end on a tree. We all tried to get on it and little after struggling for us all to fit. We saw a baby crocadille which we had put in a dish. We had the thought that there could be more and so we tried getting on top of material stuff. I was on a washing machine where all the clothings was around me. And so i said i would stay there and wait for my baby to wake up and i can change him. Later on i saw a little alligator which i was afraid of. More people entered the room in which we were trapped and just walked in, while the little alligator was right there and didn't do nothing.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 06, 14, 16, 20, 23, 28, 43


2022-05-07 13:54:35

I was dreaming of giving birth to a twins and I saw my deceased father who were with me when I was giving birth. My birth was so easy and My father was the one who cuts the umbilical cord of my baby:

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 20, 47, 48


2022-04-27 05:24:57

Dreamed a family friend telling me she think she's pregnant and on our way to buy a pregnancy test she said she doesn't want to keep the baby, went to a certain doctor to fill out abortion papers

Lucky Numbers: 18, 33, 42


Precious Goulden
2022-04-26 14:35:57

I dreamt of walking to a man and his baby. Suddenly three naked white women came in a strange looking car with a giant carrot sticking out in the front. The man decides to entertain them leaving me with the baby. Then I saw a green car and my Uncle came out of it. I greeted him and he didn't hear me the first time. I greeted him again and he waved back at me and disappeared inside a house.

Lucky Numbers: 07, 08, 09, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23


2022-04-21 08:36:24

I dream last nyt that i have baby...Then when i look my nipple i 3 nipple..and the baby play 4 coins

Lucky Numbers: 01, 03, 19, 22, 25, 33, 36


2022-04-20 06:17:42

A take baby on my back and someone give me another baby on my hands

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 11


2022-04-19 06:30:47

I was holding and caring for a baby boy and I was happy with him. My ex-boyfriend was next to me and we were the child's parents.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 20, 21, 31, 46


2022-03-24 06:51:48

I dream of a well known, beautiful actress holding a beautiful baby girl

Lucky Numbers: 09, 13, 17, 28, 33, 48


2022-03-21 09:04:14

Dreaming of twin baby girls,That their father or mother left There in the hospital bed and i want to adopt this twin babies.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 16, 28, 33, 40


2022-02-28 08:22:13

My dream is about pooping my toddler baby and I'm catching a crabs w/ my family Ang friends. Its like a family and friends outing near from seaside.I want to know what lucky numbers had in my dream.

Lucky Numbers: 01, 09, 13, 23, 27, 35, 41


Tiffany Tan
2022-01-13 14:23:59

I was carrying a beautiful baby girl. I said to my parther that it is our child. He look at me. He went to a meeting inside a building. There were little girls playing on the ground.

Lucky Numbers: 04, 32, 33, 35


2021-12-23 10:28:06

I dreamt of lady giving me her baby to hold in a hospital qeue

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 11, 16, 17


2021-12-11 06:56:40

I was dreaming about a lighter and a lady who was running around a house with a baby and a man that's chasing her with a knife

Lucky Numbers: 03, 08, 11, 17, 18, 30, 32


2021-12-10 20:03:28

I had a dream seeing a naked woman. Carrying colleague's baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 07, 15, 16, 25, 67


2021-12-09 15:46:39

I saw a pregnant woman given birth.w where the baby is been delivered into a plastic container

Lucky Numbers: 01, 06, 07, 12, 30, 47


2021-11-18 11:44:43

I saw friends of my ex boyfriend's, they are married couple with their 3month old baby girl. They are painting the walls and leave a two space for my parents for them to paint to. I let my friend try to wear my newly bought shoes online with a size 7 she's counting by centimeter and There are big snakes in the house.

My last dream I remembered is about a lot of frogs.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 13, 19, 23, 26, 33, 35, 40


2021-10-19 13:30:43

I was flying using aroplane with my family and i was caryng a small baby

Lucky Numbers: 01, 21, 27, 41


2021-10-02 17:46:58

I dream a pregnant women women and i was called holding a stick , i was told to lift up the stick 3 times in air , suddenly i was told that the women bare a baby boy after lifting the stick suddenly water came out of that women from the mouth and stomach.

Lucky Numbers: 06, 07, 10, 11, 17


2021-09-18 15:31:29

I saw a crocodile ,a cow in the stairs a cow giving birth and a tiger eating the baby cow

Lucky Numbers: 03, 12, 21, 23, 28


2021-06-07 13:51:24

My boyfriend was in a class full of learners at school so I looked through the window because I was out side the class and he was baby kissing a girl after that we went 2 a a holl full of learners we wanted to go outside the school

Lucky Numbers: 09, 10, 21, 25, 36


2021-06-01 14:17:03

There was a party and some food and meat and in the house there was a baby which turned to someone who died like a ghost

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 06, 11, 20, 32


2021-05-07 07:14:20

I was having oral sex with a fat whitish baby girl on the floor, next my boyfriend was at my house, he even made a sleep over with my family fine with it, next scene I was picking mangoes from mango tree with some women then I went to some small room/shop and asked some lady for numbers.

Lucky Numbers: 05, 07, 18, 24, 25, 31, 36


2021-05-02 10:53:13

Saw my ex boyfriend, then there was a zombie apocalypse happening and we ran into a cave to hide, there was a car accident and I was holding a baby in my hands

Lucky Numbers: 11, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 29, 31


2021-04-16 06:11:24

Dream handcuff....small baby...and dirty water .....chain rooled on a young lady

Lucky Numbers: 01, 04, 28, 42

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